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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    And that is the golden rule @AIME and as always, your very welcome!! You know I have no secrets
    "LET BROTHERLY LOVE CONTINUE : Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, bragging or proud. Love is not rude, selfish or easily angered. Love trusts, forgives, forgets & never gives up on people. LOVE SHOULD NEVER END" ... 1 COR. 13:4-8

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    Hi all, I too struggle with unwanted facial and neck hair, which I am having waxed every two weeks. I want to incorporate retin a in my anti-aging regimen but I've read that you need to suspend its usage for 5-7 days prior waxing (and I guess several days after because of the irritations and breakouts I get as a result of the procedure). With such a quick regrowth as mine how am I ever gonna be able to use retin a consistently? Please let me know how do you manage to keep both hairs and wrinkles at bay. Thanks!

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    Nice, would love to try this, Iam travelling to India next month...will bring you feedback

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    Gymmie, do you have a Youtube channel?
    You should if you don't already!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortunecookie View Post
    Gymmie, do you have a Youtube channel?
    You should if you don't already!
    LOL.........No, @Fortunecookie , LOL, what would I do with a youtube channel? Your funny
    -Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us-

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    You've got so much info to share; a wealth of knowledge. You can do videos on skincare, product reviews etc.
    Give it a thought!

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    I struggle with facial hair also and it's really a pain especially because the hair on my chin is so coarse!
    I try to wax with supermarket strips like veet but they dont get even half of the hair out.
    I want to try the roll on wax next cos its warm and probably better for my skin.
    The main issue is the bumps and ingrown hairs. I see a lot of people with facial hair too but they hardly have any bumps. Maybe my skin type is more prone

    It makes me so so sad ?

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