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Thread: Tips for faster hair growth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeautyNut View Post

    Cool. Thank you.

    Any particular olive oil or almond oil that you would recommend?
    You can use any brand of olive and almond oil. I use Tesco olive oil and it's a lot cheaper too
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    Thank you.
    I will have to do that.
    I appreciate your help.

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    Use a supplement for Hair, Skin, and Nail from GNC.

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    Cutting your hair won't make it grow any faster or stronger. That's a myth.

    Your best bet is to take MSM. Read up on it.

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    decro435, how much MSM do you take?
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    I have used a shampoo called Biotene H-24 which contains Biotin and other vitamins. You can buy the shampoo only or go for the set of shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment. I also take BioSil capsules - which are for your skin, hair & nails. (Don't buy the drops -- it tastes yucky.)

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    I take Vitamin C 1000 mg and MSM 1500mg a day and my hair grows like mad. It makes my nails hard too.

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    I agree with everyone who said take vitamins or supplements for hair, skin, and nails. It works best for hair growth.

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    salinababie, what kind of vitamins do you use?
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtoodler View Post
    salinababie, what kind of vitamins do you use?
    I don't take any because, my hair is really thick and grows fast. When I was pregnant you know how you have to take prenatal vitamins. Well I noticed faster growth in my hair and nails, which is why I recommended it. So I'm not really sure which ones to take. But I do think some kind of nail,skin,hair supplement will help. Try going to GNC for supplements.


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