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Thread: Tips for faster hair growth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hair2u View Post growth isn't determined outside the scalp. It's determined by the follicle and how it's programmed.

    Cutting your hair has absolutely nothing to do with how fast it grows or how thick it will get.
    It's truly an old wives' tale.

    Hair does tend to grow a bit faster in the warmer months.

    Hormones will affect its growth, illness, medication, etc.

    Maintaining good health and eating well allows all body parts to work better..including the follicles in the skin.

    so true. my nana always has told me, if you want your hair to grow, dont cut it. period. im growing out my hair now and i havent had it cut at all in 2 months, and i see a difference. Plus ive started taking a few different vitamins, vitamin b-complex, vitamin e, MSM (good for muscles, skin, hair)
    i dont excercise much... which i probably should, but my hair is still growing lol

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    I've found that since taking a supplement of Omega 3 6 9 3x/day, my hair is growing faster & there is more of it. Other people have remarked on the difference too. An added benefit is that the whites of my eyes are brighter.
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    Do you mean that you have been taking Omega-3 oils?
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    which brand and what web site do you get these omega 3 oils?

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    Coromega is a good Omega and it doesn't taste like fish oil - it comes in little packets and is orange-flavored. I buy mine in bulk at - Vitamins, Supplements & Natural Health Products.

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    hey fawnie, any nice swallow gels you can recommend me? I like them capsules or gelcaps. cos i buy them bath soaps from iherb its a reallllllly EXCELLENT company in shipping, SOOOOO FAST IN ONE DAY i get my orders!!!

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    I heard that massaging your scalp is also pretty helpful.
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    MSM - (Methylsulfonylmethane).

    It's an organosulfur compound. Trust me this speeds up hair-growth. Go on any hair-loss websites an this is generally part of their intense regimens.

    You can get it in your local chemist. I take about 3 grams a day. I've seen people take up to 8 grams. Think you can take as much as you want really.

    Good Luck.

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    i hope dese vitamin capsules have no side effects??

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