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  1. Lotions / Creams / Moisturizers Recipes
    HELP, I need a body lotion/cream promix recipe that can be used to lighten my knuckles and toes as well.
  2. Chemical Peels
    in serious need of help with my knuckles 😭 currently using piment doux serum (1 week now) but no change, no peeling or lightening
  3. Skin Lightening
    Please give me any advice that you think might help. So I’ve had very dark knees since forever and I have decided to use a glycolic acid (70%) and now my knee looks like below. Also, it looks a lot worse in person, more red and blotchy.
  4. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hello I’m freaking out because whenever i try to do anything to get rid of these black patches on my knuckle nothing won’t due and it’s on both feet same toe does anybody knows what this is or any remedies
1-4 of 4 Results