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  1. Basic Skin Care
    Hi Everyone! I've only recently started having a legitimate skincare routine that I think is working pretty well for my skin, but I'm still confused on some of the logistics. To preface, my skincare routine right now is really short and my skin is prone to being pretty dry, I use a Cetaphil...
  2. Basic Skin Care
    I read this post: The author wrote several ways to exfoliate and I wasn’t sure if we’re supposed to do one method or do all of them. Someone please help clarify this.
  3. Skin Lightening
    Hey All. I'm looking to go down a few shades. I'll be documenting my journey in this thread. I'm exfoliating rn. AM FACE •Apply F&W soap lather in and leave on 5-10 min •Apply Vitamin C serum, caffeine under the eyes •Moisturize *Apply sunblock AM BODY •Get in shower lather koji san on...
  4. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hie everyone I’m so glad I found this site, I’m really excited. Please help!! I’m a beginner, looking to lighten skin from a deep brown complexion to caramel. I’m currently in my exfoliating phase, using soaps and f&w AHA lotion. I ran out of my K.Brothers Asantee goat milk and tamarind soap so...
1-4 of 4 Results