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  1. Skin Lightening
    Hello, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and was really looking for a way to lighten my skin to achieve this nice tannish skin that will just overall make me more confident. Here are some pics for reference of my standard shade and my goal range of skin tone. Is this achievable? And if...
  2. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hi, it's the first time I use a forum in my life and I'm not a native speaker so I might make some mistakes, please bear with me. If you watch from afar, my skin doesn't look so bad, but as soon as you come closer you start to see al theese bumps and I don't even know what they are, acne...
  3. Skin Lightening
    Hello I made a thread here a while ago about skin lightening but I also have another question. How can I lighten my upper lip to match my lower lips, I want it to be the same color as my lower lip like a reddish color. Here is a pic for reference:
  4. Skin Lightening
    Hi guys I am new here and I was researching for a while for how to lighten skin but I dont want anything with extreme side effects and a route that does not contain hydroquinone but can still lighten me a couple shades lighter. Anyways please helps as I really am confused on how to start and...
  5. Skin Lightening
    I'm pretty new to the skin care scene I am university student and recently have become insecure about the skin tone on my back neck and butt, compared to the rest of my body it is significantly darker. I have started to exfoliate using exfoliating gloves and just started to use Kojie san only 3...
1-5 of 5 Results