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  1. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hi Everyone! My name is Ambi. Oh my goodness this is such a relief to be a part of a skincare forum with like-minded individuals. I use to visit this forum over 10 years ago, and I would mainly visit the forum after work daily, addict lol. I was desperate to find answers for my hyperpigmented...
  2. Acne
    I'm soooooo mad and my confidence is so gone. I had a bad acne break out and I tried everything to help. I was left with these acne marks so I went to the dermatologist and paid alot of money for a suggested peel called VI peel. I was so nervous because you have to be very careful with black...
  3. Skin Lightening
    I've noticed how my dark and faded lips makes me look darker. So I've started exfoliating, using HQ and sunscreen on them since 17th July of this year . Probably would take 2 months to see a visible difference
  4. Skin Lightening
    Starting Pictures Permatan Removal Actives 80% Lactic Acid Chemical exfoliation Boosts collagen production Humectant Improves Kerotis Pilares 100% L-ascorbic Acid/ Vitamin C Tyrosinase inhibitor Acidic Ph also helps with exfoliation Antioxidant: helps cells fight against UV damage aka...
  5. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hello guys! Major newbie here in terms of skin care. I found this website while looking for an answer to one of my concerns regarding hyperpigmentation, and couldn't help but join once I saw better formulated answers than any other website I've came across. I'm 15 years old and I'm also East...
  6. Skin Lightening
    Hi guys! Thank you for your attention. I want to share some concerns I have about my severe hyperpigmentation. I am hoping I can get some advice and help on how I can treat this (I will add picture of my case issue):cry: Mainly my hyperpigmentation comes from psorasis (guttate). I am aware...
1-6 of 6 Results