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  1. Skin Lightening
    Legs : Before - 26th April 2022 After: 6th December 2022 Things used: 1) Lactic acid 12% cream everyday (almost) 2) Urea 12% + Lactic acid 6% cream (almost) 3) the ordinary peel on my knees like 4 times. Both pics in same place and lighting
  2. Skin Lightening
    I’ve done LA peels (three times) and my arms are extremely stubborn so I recently made LA lotion and slathered it on my arms with my lightening cream then occluded and left overnight. I thought I would peel in sheets but I didn’t even flake. When I use retin A I get occasional flaking but...
  3. Skin Lightening
    Hi, I’ve tried peeling on three occasions . The first time I left it on my body for 6 minutes and nothing happened ( waited three days) I tried occluding my hands for 3 hours yesterday with gloves and today my hands are the same. The other day I occluded my knees for 40 minutes and no peeling at...
  4. Skin Lightening
    Starting Pictures Permatan Removal Actives 80% Lactic Acid Chemical exfoliation Boosts collagen production Humectant Improves Kerotis Pilares 100% L-ascorbic Acid/ Vitamin C Tyrosinase inhibitor Acidic Ph also helps with exfoliation Antioxidant: helps cells fight against UV damage aka...
1-4 of 4 Results