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  1. Skin Lightening
    Hello guys :) I'm living in Germany and I recently found out about the okdermo webshop which says that it provides global shipping. I'm thinking about getting the benoquin cream but I do not know if there could appear any problems (other than customs duties to be paid). Did you ever place an...
  2. Skin Lightening
    I was very obese for many years, which meant I had a double/triple chin. This has caused fold lines in my neck and they are all very dark. I have now lost a lot of weight and in very good shape but those dark lines haven't gone. I have a lighter skin and these dark neck lines stand out, making...
  3. Skin Lightening
    You can see that I have very dark under and around my nails, and dark knuckles. I don’t know if this is hyperpigmentation but looking at my childhood pics I seem to have always had this. Is there a way to lighten these areas?
  4. Lotions / Creams / Moisturizers Recipes
    HELP, I need a body lotion/cream promix recipe that can be used to lighten my knuckles and toes as well.
  5. Skin Lightening
    Legs : Before - 26th April 2022 After: 6th December 2022 Things used: 1) Lactic acid 12% cream everyday (almost) 2) Urea 12% + Lactic acid 6% cream (almost) 3) the ordinary peel on my knees like 4 times. Both pics in same place and lighting
  6. Skin Lightening
    hello, i’m hoping to start mequinol. i was wondering if anybody that used it for over four months can post before and after pics or tell us their experience. thank youuu
  7. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hi Everyone! My name is Ambi. Oh my goodness this is such a relief to be a part of a skincare forum with like-minded individuals. I use to visit this forum over 10 years ago, and I would mainly visit the forum after work daily, addict lol. I was desperate to find answers for my hyperpigmented...
  8. Skin Lightening
    Guys, I have the skin of an elephant. Honestly. I used 80% LA acid, left it on for 10 minutes....nothing, not even flaking, not even rougher skin. I then used 50% GA acid for 3mins (bcos I used 80% GA and left on for 10mins before 2x a week and it caused slight PIH) Anyway nothing, I then used...
  9. Skin Lightening
    Hello,I am very new to this forum website and i came across it while searching around for ways to turn my skin white,i've bookmarked and saved many of them as i am only 17 years old but i will definitely try many of them in the future as i am determined to get lwhte skin as my goal. Please don't...
  10. Skin Lightening
    Hi I’ve been using , hq for 10 months and I’ve gotten lighter but only 1 shade though how can I achieved lightness ??? Please can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong
  11. Skin Lightening
    Hi everyone, I’m not new here, just a lurker who’s been on and off on her journey because I don’t really see results. Mostly it’s only my face that lightens. Also I’m in Hungary and most of the creams and supplements are not allowed in the country. And I haven’t seen an IV clinic here yet...
  12. Skin Lightening
    Hi, I am not even sure if this will get any answers as I am really new on this platform but let’s pray for the best. Recently I have been looking into skin lighting options however everything that I have come across so far is either too dangerous or too expensive (I am talking about treatments...
  13. Skin Lightening
    Hello, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and was really looking for a way to lighten my skin to achieve this nice tannish skin that will just overall make me more confident. Here are some pics for reference of my standard shade and my goal range of skin tone. Is this achievable? And if...
  14. Skin Lightening
    This post is to help others I started using a Abebi white & started to see results immediately, However one of the side-effects is green veins (& it’s extreme, I looked like a road map) I did some research and people suggested mixing it with crude kenacol oil or Bel eclat. I tried both. None...
  15. Skin Lightening
    I haven't posted on this site in a while as it's been a bit dead. But I'm starting to finish up my skincare goals. I'm going to post my progress and what I've done so far. I have used some dangerous products so please be careful, however, this is what worked for me. Currently, I am weaning off...
  16. Skin Lightening
    I want to lighten my under eyes so they can look like the rest of my face. Which is my natural skin tone. should i use Retinal and hydroquinone? Are they too strong for the under eye? What else can I use? I want to try under eye fillers but not right now they cost $600 a year.
  17. New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hi just , started my skincare journey and could someone please tell me what to mix with hq for Making cream
  18. Africa
    Molweni, Dumelang, Sanibonani, Lotjani, Hello! I am from RSA (Johannesburg) and I thought we needed a new SA skin lightening thread where we could share skin care routines, suppliers and advice one another. I am still doing my research “lurking” trying to find safe skin lightening products...
  19. Skin Lightening
    1st image - back camera 2nd image - front camera Is it possible for me to be NC 10 / NC 15? Currently using HQ 4% after 6 months usage of tretinoin (0.05) and glycolic acid (12%). After 2 months, I'm planning to do SA(30%) peels every 2 weeks and maintaining hq Results with kojic Acid(5%) +...
  20. Skin Lightening
    I've been subscribed to skincaretalk for many years now, have tried several things over the years based on recommendations; lemonvate, ikb gel & serum, G &G, Fair & White, Dodo white up lotion, etc. I've seen just marginal results with these products, even with exfoliation and sun avoidance...
1-20 of 39 Results