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  1. Caffeine and Skin Lightening?

    Skin Lightening
    Does anyone drink coffee or take caffeine pills? I'm wanting to take caffeine to help with exercise performance but I'm worried about the possibility of it interrupting my skin lightening journey. I know putting it on your skin can stain it darker but does it internally do the same thing? Will...
  2. Skin lightening & hyperpigmentation

    New Member? Introduce Yourself!
    Hie everyone I’m so glad I found this site, I’m really excited. Please help!! I’m a beginner, looking to lighten skin from a deep brown complexion to caramel. I’m currently in my exfoliating phase, using soaps and f&w AHA lotion. I ran out of my K.Brothers Asantee goat milk and tamarind soap so...
  3. SEVERE dark spots of hyperpigmentation. Please help me!!

    Skin Lightening
    Hi guys! Thank you for your attention. I want to share some concerns I have about my severe hyperpigmentation. I am hoping I can get some advice and help on how I can treat this (I will add picture of my case issue):cry: Mainly my hyperpigmentation comes from psorasis (guttate). I am aware...
  4. Found a way to lighten my skin NATURALLY by one shade a month

    Skin Lightening
    Been lurking this forum for years so will finally contribute. My body has always been yellow, but my face and hands chocolate in the past I used G&G to get face to match. Went on holiday last year and got sun burnt.. was so depressed and have tried so many different things to remove...
  5. Lightening Newb, HELP!

    Skin Lightening
    Hello everyone I’m a long time lurker on the forum. Right now I’m about medium brown tone like Normani (NC47?). My goal is to be a lighter caramel brown. I used to wanna be super light but it’s not realistic. I’ve used nadinola and carowhite but no heavy lightening besides that. I reverted...
  6. Skin whitening

    Skin Lightening
    I have been looking for a good way to lighten my shade since i used to swim without sun block and i have brown hands and feet (and dark inner thighs)for really long time, and I felt like I'm lost there are too many products out there what to choose? For how long? :rolleyes: