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  1. Basic Skin Care
    PLEASE READ ME!! DESPERATE😭 Hi - Trying to find something to soothe my on fire face. Almost a week ago, the skin on my face started to randomly burn badly. It only burns on my cheek area/around my mouth. My lips are also super chapped too. I use Cerave hydrating cleanser followed by cetaphil...
  2. Anti-Aging
    Hiyaaa, Since this year I aged a lot. Chronic insomnia and still a lot of stress. I notice this all the time now. Static. Looks like sagging. 2 Dermatologists told me I can just get fillers and anything else like laser etc. won't help. Is there anything anyone can recommend a 26 year old with...
  3. Basic Skin Care
    Hi all, I am in my early 20’s and new to all this skincare stuff! I have just made a purchase online for a few bits and have put together the following routine … I would really welcome advice! I have normal/sensitive skin which isn’t acne/spot prone but have noticed faint lines appearing on my...
1-3 of 3 Results