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100% Tea Tree Oil caused dark patch! Help!

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I recently got a scar on my neck.

And I heard that tea tree oil is great for scars so I went out and bought 100% tea tree oil.

I applied the tea tree oil to the scar and within about 6 hours I could see it start to heal rapidly. The label at the back of the bottle said nothing about diluting the oil. It said "Apply to the skin 4 times daily or as often as necessary."

I decided that I was going to try and get it to heal overnight.
So I added tea tree oil on a small cotton pad and covered it with a band aid on the scar.

This morning when I woke up I took it off and now the area on my skin where the cotton pad was is very dark...almost blackish!!!!!

Why is it there and how can I get rid of it!??
Some people said it was because I used too much of it for too long and some also said I just have to leave it so that the tea tree oil dries from my skin.

The question is...will this black patch go away, or what can I use to get rid of it???

Would appreciate any help!!

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I use shea butter on everything. Granted it will take a little longer to heal but it is so good for your skin. it is pretty hard to find 100% shea butter so i order mine from They have pretty good prices. I use shea butter on my daughter too
I can't say that the reply you got is help, but it certainly sounded good. Next time you try this, use a tincture and not the pure oil. It must have cost a pretty penny if you bought the pure oil. Anyway, dont get too stressed as it will go away over time. I wish I could recommend something to speed the process, but it looks like you tatooed yourself for a while. Unless....are you scared of sandpaper (I am just kidding; Do not try this!!). It will eventually go away, just keep hydrating and washing the area
p.s. next time try northern buckthorn berry oil....way better healing agent than anything else.
May be you are allergic to it. I would suggest you to consult a doctor.
I would say you need to consult a doctor as well!
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