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Hey guys, thought I’d make a hand lightening thread for 2022 so please feel free to share your current regimen and products to help each other out.
I decided to do my very first TCA (25%) peel on my hands. I applied it to the sides of my knuckles as my skin seems to have thickened and darkened a little in these areas (I’m guessing it’s a mixture of friction due to weight lifting at the gym and also general neglect as I haven’t been applying spf on my hands whilst using exfoliating body lotions).

It’s been a week and my skin has 90% peeled. I have been moisturising my hands as much as I can throughout the day and have also been applying spf 50

Here is my current hand routine:

1) apply Glysolid cream to slightly damp hands
2) follow up with SPF 50 sunscreen from Bea Skincare
3) reapply Vaseline’s dark spot corrector cream when indoors (spf 20)
4) Top up with Anthelios spf 50 sun fluid before heading outside

1) apply cocoa butter oil to damp hands
2) follow up with Glysolid cream
3) occlude with cotton gloves

Tonight I think I’ll switch it up and apply pure lanolin to my hands before occluding with latex gloves!

Once my skin has finished peeling, I will be incorporating a lightener in the PM. I’m not sure what to use at the moment so some suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I’ve found a great way to even knuckles is to occlude at night with pimont deux. I used to rub my hands in the serum till fully absorbed. Put on my cotton gloves then further occlusion with a latex/latex free glove. Obviously it goes without saying never put your bare hands in a latex glove over night !!! But the final occlusion of the latex glove over a cotton mitt generates more heat and allows for better penetration of the product.

I messed around with TCA, Jessners, lactic acids etc etc doing layers on layers. TCA always gave wonderful results but it would inevitably revert back. If you wished I would say aha would be a gentler progressive option than TCA, they are not the same ! But the above mix mentioned by brownies or myself is the way forward !
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