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Hey guys, thought I’d make a hand lightening thread for 2022 so please feel free to share your current regimen and products to help each other out.
I decided to do my very first TCA (25%) peel on my hands. I applied it to the sides of my knuckles as my skin seems to have thickened and darkened a little in these areas (I’m guessing it’s a mixture of friction due to weight lifting at the gym and also general neglect as I haven’t been applying spf on my hands whilst using exfoliating body lotions).

It’s been a week and my skin has 90% peeled. I have been moisturising my hands as much as I can throughout the day and have also been applying spf 50

Here is my current hand routine:

1) apply Glysolid cream to slightly damp hands
2) follow up with SPF 50 sunscreen from Bea Skincare
3) reapply Vaseline’s dark spot corrector cream when indoors (spf 20)
4) Top up with Anthelios spf 50 sun fluid before heading outside

1) apply cocoa butter oil to damp hands
2) follow up with Glysolid cream
3) occlude with cotton gloves

Tonight I think I’ll switch it up and apply pure lanolin to my hands before occluding with latex gloves!

Once my skin has finished peeling, I will be incorporating a lightener in the PM. I’m not sure what to use at the moment so some suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I tried everything under the sun to lighten my knuckles, it was my problematic area
creams, peels, mixes, natural solutions
nothing seem to work

the only thing that finally worked for me was dodo oil on my knuckles followed by g&g cream

my knuckles are almost the same color as the rest of my hand huge improvement
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Where do you get G&G cream? They stop making it.
oh yeah
tbh I bulk bought a lot of stuff before officially start lightening
like I have 2-3 years worth of stuff
so I bought the g&G before it was discontinued
I'm recently opened my first jar, and am only using it for the knuckles
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hey guys found another good combo for those hard knuckles twice a day

put am lactic cream

rub it on your knuckles until it absorbs than follow it by applying dodo lotion

than finish it off with piment doux

this 3 combo has been doing wonders to my knuckles recently decided to do weekly 55% lactic peels on my knuckles (every sunday that day of applying the peel I don't do the usual mix)
and it seems to speed up my progress even more

my other suggestion that also worked wonders also involved a dodo product (serum)
so I think dodo line is really good for stubborn areas
I will try to replace the dodo lotion with the cream and see if it gives me even better results
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What 55% lactic peel do you use please? What is it called and where do you get it from? You apply it once every Sunday? Or a double layer coating ?
I get all my peels from makeup artist choice

i apply it on sunday night about 3 coats and leave it for 1 hour than wash it off
How long did you do this combination for before seeing results?
around 3-4 weeks
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