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36 years old smoker drinker on last good genetic thread

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I am not sure that I will get anyones understanding as actually I havent got my own anymore :-( Perhaps people in my situation though?

Now 36 - for the last month - I am still lucky to be petite and niceish skin despite abusing my body since I was 12 with cigarette (I am french originally, not an excuse but we all smokes back then). Then came 25 and my first bottle of wine, late developper but I am now easily downing one a night (that is when I have work the next day).

And I am panicked. Easy way out I know just stop smoking and drinking - but so far I have kept fresh face. DO you think I can go on or Am I on the last thread of genetcic gift.

Please beat me up - i need it to awake

Thanks for your time - truly sorry if I have wasted it.

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I don't think anyone's words will open your eyes other than your own. Sometimes we don't really appreciate our bodies until it's had enough and it bites us back for all the abuse its taken over the years.

I have a client that has an uncle that has a stroke from being overweight and an alcoholic. He said that it opened his eyes and that he would start to eat healthy, stop being a fool, and start going to the gym. A week later he was back to his old habits.

Sometimes, even a close call like that doesn't change people.

We have to realize that everyone is too caught up on their own things to really care to change other people. If you don't take care of yourself, who will?
Freddy, thank you for your reply - when i posted my msg I was kind of aware it was all down to me - but secretly hoping for a little boost, caring even. You are so right and sometimes when I do take a little care of myself - as in have a massage or spa - I fell all the toxins against the gentle caring touch/treatment and it jumps on me how I abuse my body - its just in every day stupid stressfull life - you know when all abuses and stresses you anyway - I think whats a little more going to do? Especially if it relaxes me?
Arrrrrgh life is a ***** for some. Or some are a ***** to life am not sure.
Anyway thanks dear . And also you are gorgeous :)
I appreciate the compliment. Thank you.

You know, your body is a very adaptable machine, and it can take a great deal of abuse. Being kind to your body doesn't mean that you have to live in a sterile bubble. Go out, drink, smoke, have a good time, but don't do it too regularily.

A part of happiness in our lives is pushing our bodies to the limit, but it has to be within reason.

The best advice I can give is that everyone needs to remember that they are a single unit. Everything around us is transitory, in other words it's 'en passent' and never really ours, so all you have in the end is yourself. Take care of yourself.
My pleasure and You are so spot on.

I remember when 20 I went to theatre course in Paris (spend all month glued on my seat!) but got to read Varlam Shalamoff (not sure spelling of name anymore) as teacher was into slavic writers - well to cut short he was in syberian concentration camps and wrote and wrote througought his ordeal, and what I remember is how he was amazed that human body was so strong - and amazed he could survive the starvation and torturous work load, and the beatings and cold and so on...

Beautiful celebration of the wonders of human body that was, and I was touched by it.

What is my problem!!!!!!!!!
There you go. You already know what you need to do.

Problems are only as bad as we make them. We've all went through times when we felt the world was over for us, only to think back at it a year later and laugh at ourselves for feeling so stupid for being so sad for something so trivial.

You're still in good shape. So start going on the right path and you'll be ok!
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You are so so sage (not sure the english word but belive me it is a compliment) - I have a part of me thinking similar (well once you worded it I do!) but its shut down but my silly persona. Okay... Bordering on schizophrenia now .... I mean Gosh I wish you were my Personal Trainer to make this part of me stronger :) I am so so happy in summer when the sun shines and I dont need nothing else than being a part of this living buzz. You know, how sometimes it is so easy to just be. And see others be. And at those times also your body works so well it makes you radiant.
This thread topic really caught my eye: "36 years old smoker drinker on last good genetic thread". Good one! I don't smoke or drink, but I really know what you mean about the last genetic thread.
I am 34 and have been doing the same thing for the last three years since my divorce. My stress level was so high at some points that I knew if I didn't busy myself with another cigarette or drink something to take my mind off of it I would go and hurt the person responsible for inflicting so much pain on my son and I. It was the hardest part of my life thus far, I was on meds for depression and anxiety for three months when he first walked out, and after going off of those I used alcohol and smoking to keep myself at least a little sane! I lost so much during the divorce, my home, my business, most of my fortune, I filed for bankruptcy, so I had reasons to not put my health first, and now, for the first time since, I am finally making myself stop the negative behaviours and start paying attention to my health again. I got a book yesterday "Gary Null's Power Aging", and it talked a lot about cancer risk associated with smoking and drinking and chemicals, a good read if you happen to be in the mood for inspiration.
All I can tell you is to look at the reasons why you are engaging in self-destructive behaviour, and see if you can find a way out of the situations that cause the most stress. If it is a job make a plan to find a new one, if it is a lover, do your best to try and get away from them, whatever it is, write it down, set a goal, make a plan, and try your best to get past it. Amazingly, when you start taking control of your life, and changing what you dislike about it, your personal habits also start to change. Happy people don't need to drink.
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