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vitals ...I am 45yrs old male with psoriasis that started in 1995-96(it should be noted that I was very depressed after a break-up of a long term relationship.I was living in Ottawa and didnt know anybody as I am originally from Vancouver.saw a shink for a short time but I stopped as I did not really want to try and I did not like the way the prozac made me feel.The psoriasis started on my right upper arm.It was getting worst and then went to my left arm.After while it went to my legs,torso,and even my scalp.It got so bad that my skin would crack open and start to bleed,not so good if one hppens to be a waiter and wearing a white shirt.It was also very painful to take a shower.I started to use a product that was shipped in from another country(Spain,I think)and my skin cleared up and disapeared.Then it was banned because there was a steroid that wasn't on the product label.My skin then broke out again even more as I stopped using it right away.It has now been about 13-14 yrs and It seems to show up now out of the blue for no reason At all,it is very unpredictable to say the least.My father got it around the same age as me and also both my bros. have it too. My sister has also had it but thankfully its very rare for her and the area tends to be small.Its just too bad that the creams and such are all not cheap.It can become quite expensive for a person and any new procedures tend to be unafordable for a lot of people like me so when I break out,I could end up not able to work for however it takes to ease up.I wont even go into how it affects ones personal life as it could take all day to go over.I will just mension that summers can be lousy as Im not one to go to the beach or swimming, it realy bites the big one if you know what I mean.Anyway, thats pretty much it in a nut shell so I will bid you all adeiu for now....Ta Ta!

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Hi tymic! Cute: "A brief history of me!"

Along with Dragonlilly I want to welcome you!

Here's some interesting threads you might like about psoriasis:

psoriasis - Google Search

You probably know more about it than I do, and maybe you can be a lifeline to some others here with psoriasis.

Have fun and jump in when you want to add your 2 cents!

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