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okay so in 6th or 7th grade(7yrs ago) a friend noticed i had these spots on the sides of my neck which look exactly like bruises.
where the spot is, its like the skin has deteriorated.. its like a goes about 1 cm down. i dont even need to look in a mirror to find them because all i have to do is run my fingers over my neck and i can feel where the skin is depressed. their nearly in the same spot on each side
iv had them for years now. there is no side effects from them that i notice besides they look like hickeys(when someone sucks on your neck) and are pretty un attractive. i wear some necklaces everyday which fortunately hides them but sometimes id like to go bare neck. im going to see if these pictures will upload so maybe someone can maybe tell me something about them...

first pic is right side, second pic is left and third is so you can see how it looks as a "whole"

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