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A newbie seeking advice.

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Hello, I just joined and my name is Tiffany. =]

I figured somebody could help me out with my three main problems...
(Sorry if this is kind of long!)

The first is that I have dark circles under my eyes. I'm not talking barely noticeable "circles", and not severe black lines, but it's definitely noticeable. I cover them up pretty well with concealer but it looks pretty gross under flourescent lighting that I have in my bathroom and at my school.
They're most likely hereditary, unless most of my family happens to be allergic to the same thing.
Are there any solutions, even just to lighten them up, not rid them completely?

The second is that I have pimples, especially on my forehead right above the bridge of my nose and on my forehead, and there a few scattered across my cheek. Any tips besides healthy diet, multivitamin, nightly cleansing, weekly exfoliating, and lots of water that could help?

And my final sort of problem is that my face is lighter than the skin on the rest of my body. As long as I can remember it was that way, maybe it's because I'm mixed race, my father is Hispanic and Mediterranean and has dark caramel-colored skin and my mom is Native American, Asian, and Caucasian with lighter skin. Any tanners, creams, lotions, etc. that I could use to get one uniform color on my face and body?

Thank you so much, sorry if this was a little lengthy.
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