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Accutane and Birth Control

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In order receive a prescription for accutane you must take a pregnancy test with negative results before a Doctor can authorize use of the drug. You will also be required to take a second pregnancy test during the first 5 days of the menstrual period before you begin to take accutane.

New legislation also requires that any fertile female on accutane must use two forms of birth control, including the pill, during the course of the treatment. These precautions must be taken for one month before accutane treatment commences, and at least one month after treatment is terminated.

In addition to these precautions you will also be requested to take monthly pregnancy tests for the duration of the accutane treatment program. Your doctor will can provide you with information on the best methods of birth control and how to use them should you decide to proceed with the treatment. Failure to adhere to these strict regulations seriously places you at risk of becoming pregnant and suffering from the trauma that thousands of other women have had to face. If you become pregnant, miss a menstrual
cycle while using accutane it is recommended that you immediately stop taking Accutane and notify your doctor.

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