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Acne prone, but looking to lighten brown spots on face, any suggestions?

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I am always so scared to try any products because I breakout so easily. I used to have bad cystic acne so I have lots of left over red marks, and actually alot of uneven brown spots that are not really freckles, but just sun damage maybe even though Im only 24. I have my acne more under control these days, but I still breakout if I use products that contain bad ingredients. So my question is, is there any product out there that will take away these brown patches and spots so that I can finally enjoy my skin and feel embarassed to go without foundation? It breaks my heart because now that my acne is finally clear, I am hiding my face becaause of the uneven color
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I gave you a few tips on your other posting. Go check it out...I think you might them useful since I also deal with brown scars from adult acne.


I suggest SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX. It won't excite your acne and over time, with consistent daily use, the brown spots will fade and the acne will clear. Also try using SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel along with the serum to calm sensitive, problematic skin. Phyto Corrective Gel can be used several times a day, as needed, and it's very effective for rosacea and eczema as well.
Use an antibiotic cleanser. I suggest NeoStrata Moisturizing Antibiotic Cleanser. It's oil-free but non-drying. And never, never scrub your face or pinch pimples and blackheads or you'll end up with scars. Commercial products are too harsh for acneic skin and too often strip the skin's acid mantle, its barrier against bacteria, thus making the problem worse. Good luck.
I would try the Obagi C-Rx system - It is a whole line that improves skin clarity.
i would look for an all natural product. You skin im guessing is very sinsitive and putting harsh things on your face can hurt it and damage your skin. One product i know and use is called the three step acne care system by timeless prescription.
Microdermabrasion! It worked wonders for me! It's kind of expensive but totally worth it.
I wouldn't recommend microdermabrasion on skin that has already broken out or is prone to break out. You don't EVER want to exfoliate pimples. You want to dry them out or kill the bacteria that's causing them.
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