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Affirm Laser Treatment

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While having laser treatment for permanent hair removal, I inquired about the removal of some dark sun spots on my face and was given a brochure for Affirm Laser Treatement. The technician said the treatment works for age/sun spots and if followed up after two weeks with a microbrasion session, yields the best results. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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A family member goes once a year to have pigmentation/sun spots removed by laser treatment. The spots turn darker then peel off. She doesn't go back for any other treatment afterwards and her results are very good. I'd be concerned that a microbrasion session would irritate the treated areas. Sometimes "clinics" try to sell other treatments to keep a client coming back.
Wow, that's pretty good if she only goes back once a year. I have my first appointment 2/7 and they do what's called a twice over- she does it once, puts a facial ice pack on for approx. 10 mins. and then goes over it again. While the treatment is most sought after for wrinkles, she said it yields very good results for spots... we shall see! Thanks for replying.
I understand that there are different types of laser treatment used now -- so perhaps the treatment you will be having is not as intense as others. Good luck.
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