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Always interested in good products!

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Hi everyone! I am on my
53rd year~ and so far so good. My skin has always looked good enough that others think that I am about 10 years younger. But after my father passed away, I began to see a differance in the mirror (grief ages, I believe). Then This past aug. My husband was in a horrible accident, has had 8 surgeries and is curently still wheelchair bound. I am sure that my age is showing... I have three children 21, 19 and 17 yrs. old. My skin care challenges now include dullness as well as forehead oil, larger pores.. I am also having difficulty finding liquid makeup, that looks good on me.
Enough info?
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Welcome aboard. I love newbies.
Obagi skincare is is fabulous, really works well and 3 lab is great for the eyes and for hydration.
Hi! Sorry about your husband. You'll find lots of information here, and will be 10 years yonger in no time.

If you had no luck with liquid makeup, try mineral. Powder absorbs oil and won't slide off.
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This post was posted 12-2008 -
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Hi i am new here.I am 41yrs old n it is starting to look.I have started to use a new product a type of soap.Its uses microalgae factor,its a type of ingredient in seaweed.the result is fast within 3 days.less wrinkles and dark spots are much less.I just wanted to share.Thx
welcome annaliza whats the soap called?
Sorry about your husband. Long time was 3 Lab my favorite. But 6 mons ago my visagist from ny recommended De Clars to my. It's fantastic!
Hi, I just joined Skin care talk looking for Ideas for puffy eyes in the morning.
For great skin, Im useing Lips to kiss products for Skin and lips. I am 55 and just love her products. They firm and brighten my skin.
Take a look at them at They are doing it right!
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Welcome Sheri, so sorry about your husband.
Welcome Sheri, so sorry about your husband.
lol....SkyKat, that post was from 2008.
Hello and welcome! My thoughts and prays go out to you and your family. One thing for sure, stress will effect both the inside and outside of our body. I know as well from personal experience. What skincare products are you currently using, how long have you been on them and what type of results are you seeing?
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