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I too used Proactiv and they didn't for me either. I use biore pore strips and face masks to help exfoliate my skin. In addition, my regime is taking a hot shower then get a hand towel that is kind of rough, rub some soap on it then I vigorously scrub my skin to get the dead skin off. A loofah works too.

Also, I learned (from other sites) that products that have high salycilic acid can dry out the skin, which makes the skin compensate from loss of moisture by producing more oil, causing more pimples, so it is a terrible cycle. So products like Seabreeze and neutrogena have high amounts of salycilic acid (correct me if i am wrong on this), but products that have low amounts of it is fine.

Two scrubs that I like and maybe you all may find useful, one is "Shea Butter Sugar Scrub" which is formulated with several other oils including jojoba, coconut, and rice bran oil. Doesn't leave the skin feeling oily. I got a free sample from them from bidwell botanicals. Second, is be fine "Exfoliating Cleanser" which has brown sugar and other stuff they deem natural and leave my skin feeling matte, not dried out and clean. Contains low amount of salycilic acid. If anyone knows of any other scrubs out there, I would love to know to hear about it
they are my little indulgences.
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