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am new + have mild rosacea

1545 Views 5 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  just breathexo on this site as i have mild rosacea and am looking for ways to treat it...i am going to ring a couple of naturopaths..and hope to see results...i find using a mild cleanser helps..think that exfoliating is too harsh and is more suitable for skin that is already healthy..i have read some of the threads...always good to know you're not alone ay?
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Hi kellisy. I just joined the other day too. This place has a lot of good info. Nice to meet you
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I suffer from mild rosacea too. If anyone could offer some suggestions on how to treat this skin disorder pls, help is Vivier a good skincare line to use?
Hi Just breathexo...welcome....

When i first posted on here i see that it was in Nov 2008. I had mild rosacea but even though I consider it to be mild it was still flushed look particularly around my nose to mouth area..with little white pustules.

I am thankful to say that my rosacea has gone, and I will tell you what I did. I mentioned the problem to my doctor and she prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg...for 3 mths, with some cream to apply to my skin. I didn't use the cream but just took the pills..the doxycycline...which cleared up my skin. I was not keen at first to take any medication for it but I am so glad I did. My father got rosacea quite bad in his 50s and he told me he took medication for it....a number of times..and after that it just disappeared and never came back.

I went to see a naturopath and she recommended that I stop using the Dr Hauschka cosmetics I was using. I was using their cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Now I use a cleanser called's a South African product and is a lovely product. She also recommended that I not use any toner and just use Rosehip Oil as a moisturiser. With rosacea you have to be careful what you put on your skin and find something suitable for you that will not irritate it...we are all different. I still use Dr Hauschka's foundation and powder...I don't use anything that has Manuka Honey in it as I've read it's not good for rosacea sufferers...

Some naturopaths...I have spoken to one where I live..(not the one I saw..another lady) and for $50.00 or approx. you can make an appointment for a consultation, where you can discuss things like diet, etc, etc. I like wine and I find this will give me a little redness around my nose area but the white pustules have gone permanently.

I must also add that I was going through a lot of emotional stress at the time, which is what I believe was the biggest contributor to me having rosacea in the first place! I made a change for the better here also!

I hope something of what I've said will help you.
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Aww. thnx for your response and for the welcome!

Yes, i have been to homepathics, naturalpaths too. I had mild redness on my complexion which comes and goes as im a white female with sensitive skin.I thought in the past i had rosacea but with the help of a homepathic doctor, i did a gullblatter flush, followed a clean diet, no foods with wheat or gluten eggs, processed foods sugar plus used skincare products recommended from my dermatologist within a 6months-9months period my skin came back to normal the redness gone only sometimes when i stayed in the sun it would flush mild though.So that was in 06 years later i notice alot of changes not good with my skin soo im seeking counsel from another naturapthic going to do a food allergy tolerence test, i did a hormonal test bc i strongly believe what you eat can have have a negative or positive effect on your skin.Also, im a very emotional person and have anxiety expecially now Well, I apologise for my ranting and raving I hope some of what i wrote will help someone in need

Look what you put in your body read the ing label

Just Breathexo
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