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An Act of Kindness

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I was reading the newspaper this morning at work and I saw a really heart warming story about a New Jersey skin care company called Reviva Labs. Essentially what happened was a marine?s mother-in-law, who is a barber, received some Vitamin E sticks from one of her customers. She then sent them to her son-in-law who was in Iraq. Him and his fellow soldiers really liked the product because it protected their lips and underneath their eyes from the desert sun. After he told his family this, they told the skin care company and the company began to package and ship bunches of Vitamin E sticks to the marine to distribute to the other soldiers. The New Jersey skin care company did all of this just from hearing that. With all of the bloodshed that goes on in Iraq, our brave soldiers probably miss simple things such as lip balm and when it helps to protect them in elements they are not used to, it makes you realize that good companies still exist. Just for this act of kindness I?m going to start buying some of their products. I think everyone should look into this company for this simple fact as well.
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I lOVE THEIR SOAP~ I totally support their soap and their VE oil stick. Hurray to them!
Very nice.
Maybe i'll write a review on their products in my skin care blog...
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