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Angels Advanced Clinic in Coimbatore are Frauds

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Hi Everybody....

I would like to share with you all my worst experience I had with Angels Advanced Clinic in Coimbatore and make you aware of these frauds.

I went for Laser and hair treatment with this Angels Adavanced Clinic. First they have collected a huge amount and dragged me like any thing without giving any treatments.

After many struggels they provided me with a treatment and later only I came to know that it is harmful and not suited for me. Now I am lossed hair and it is started falling everyday and my skin also got damaged very badly.

I am going to file a case against them.

For name sake they are providing some eyewash treatments and fooling the people.

They don't know what treatment has to be given for the Clients insted they are collecting money every time.

If we are not satified with the treatment also they are not repaying the amount.


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I've very sorry to hear this. I hope you recover well and get compensated for your losses. I wish you the best.

That just goes to show that even board certified individuals can and will make mistakes. If anyone ever goes for a procedure and it doesn't feel right, then DON'T DO IT! Also, research well before committing to a procedure and never be rushed.
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