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Anti Aging Body Lotions

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Is there anything out there for the body . The crepe paper look or sun spots ?? I tried Nivea and I wasn't that crazy about it . Any opinions would be greatly appreciated :)
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There are hundreds of products out there. You'll have to try and see which ones work for you.
Are you allergic to products containing SPF? If not, then I would try a product with SPF in it to prevent any further sun damage.
For some reason my arms are very dry -- and they get itchy. I was given a sample of Purminerals Moisture Infusion -- very light texture, almost watery but wow did it every soak into my skin -- I saw and felt immediate results.
Uh yea there are hundreds of products out there which is kinda the reason for this website so you don't have to spend tons of $ on things that may not work by getting opinions from people who have found products that do work.
Mari -Thanks so much for your recomendation . I'll try it out . I also found a really good lotion only sold at salons and beauty supply stores called HEMP . Use it once a day and it repairs dry skin ,feels great ,but not sure it does anything to improve the effects of aging which is what I'm looking for .
ktrim, you don't need to spend a lot of money on something like body lotion that you slather on! I just use my loofah in my bath to exfoliate, and then use avocado oil. it's thick and it seals in the moisture very well.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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