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Hello everyone,

So i got a question, i am searching for a professional method of reducing wrinkles. And i already did my research at the chemical peeling, glycolic, lactic Tca etc... I've also tried tretinoin.

But what method is possible for a skin that scars quickly? Because i am really to scared to use chemical peels, or laser my face. And i really want to get a fresh face and some reduction in wrinkles.

Could somebody help me out?

Best regards,


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Hi Humanoid - interesting name!
There are some options for sensitive ppl.

NuSkin Galvanic Spa treatments in a salon are something that many swear by.
i have the home model and it is nice for moisturizing and smoothing the skin.
Galvanic SpaÂae System II

LED light therapy is nice. QuasarPro's Baby Quasar is one that I use and they also offer salon-quality treatments.
PhotoSkinCare The Age of Light Therapy

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