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I am looking for a good lotion or creme to use under my makeup. I am in my 50's and a BIG Obagi fan, but they don't have a product for use under your mineral powder or liquid foundation. Any suggestions??? Slightly oily skin.
Thanks, Marcia

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Hi Marcia and welcome.

Are you using Obagi moisturizer and sunscreen already??

Maybe a primer is what you are looking for! If you have oily skin look for one that is mattifying. One that is good for that is Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer (in the black tube). It's mostly silicones, so you can find something less pricey I'm sure, but try a few until you find one that is matte enough for you....some just leave you like an oil slick. I know many people love Laura Mercier Primer. It gets good reviews

Does this help at all?

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