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Any good at home waxing kits?

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I hate shaving my legs like every day so I was wondering if anyone has tried any at home waxing kits that work well, or is it better to just get it professionally done?

Thanks in advance!
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I went to Sally Beauty supply and bought the wax warmer, wax, and muslin strips and taught myself to do it, it was fine, but costly for the initial purchase.
I bought my stuff at Sally also with all good intentions of learning to use it....but it was just too least the way I was doing it! I got a Silk-Epil by Braun...BEST THING EVAH!!! It's as easy as shaving with an electric and the hairs grow back soft, not stubbly.

Thanks for both of your inputs. Yea I thought of checking sally's out to see if I can find something that works. what is the brand of wax warmer you got? I'm going to Sally's this weekend. Fawnie where can you buy Silk-Epil?

Thanks again!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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