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Any Nioxin shampoo users?

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has anyone used or now using this Nioxin shampoo and conditioner? which number products you on? and did it really help in your hair growth? my salonist did too much of a cut, and Im mad bout it, and seeking any shampoo and conditioner and nutritional supplements to help to grow my hair quicker, anyone here? thanks
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Nioxin wont make your hair grow faster, it will help prevent the loss (sorry for my english im not sure how to say that)
Nioxin doesn't help hair to grow, it prevents thinning, and is supposed to make your hair feel thicker. to help hair grow faster, get trims regularly, there are some shampoos out there that are supposed to help hair grow faster, not sure if any of them work though, you could get clip in extensions. I really like the Raquel Welch ones, I have them and know lots of people who have them. They are very good quality and pretty easy to put in.
Well I tried the Nixon hair masque but not the shampoo/conditioner if you really want to make your hair grow try some kind of vitamin or hair/nail growing supplement. I agree with Mialexia and Shreky I don't think the shampoo/conditioner will make your hair grow.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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