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Any success with TriLuma?

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I do have some slight spotting on my skin after being on birth control. It really makes me mad that my doctor never told me that melasma is a possible side effect. Anyway, my current dermatologist recommends triluma, however I have been hesitant to use it because of the hydroquinone. Anyone try this product before? Does the skin redarken after you stop using the cream?
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I've seen Aloette's Lumitone work wonders on discolorations. It is availalbe without a prescription & contains NO hydroquinone. A frineds daughter (in her early teens) ends up with horrible discoloration on her upper lip if she spends too much time in the sun. Her mom thinks it is probably hormonal since she had the same problem as a teenager. 3 days on the Lumitone & it was gone.
I've used TriLuma. It basically VERY agressively peels your skin. After a few days of using it, you'll begin to see the areas of skin peel off (not a neat peel...but in pieces). It didn't eliminate the malasma all together, but it did lighten it a little. Problem is, melasma stems from within, so the minute you walk out into the sun again, it's back! Use a good sun screen with zinc. I find that helps.
I've heard horror stories about Triluma. Have you used it? Did it work for you without any scars?

I've used TriLuma. It basically VERY agressively peels your skin. After a few days of using it, you'll begin to see the areas of skin peel off (not a neat peel...but in pieces). It didn't eliminate the malasma all together, but it did lighten it a little. Problem is, melasma stems from within, so the minute you walk out into the sun again, it's back! Use a good sun screen with zinc. I find that helps.
no magic with melasma yet. most of it works for a while or on those who has a very mild discolouration. triluma works but u need to know the risk
It could, yes, but it's usually used to treat melasma, a dark-brown pigmentation of the skin usually associated with menopause in women. Tri-Luma contains tretinoin (a common acne-fighter), but it also contains a topical steroid and hydroquinone (a skin bleacher). This would not be a first-choice treatment for acne unless you have some other skin conditions which would require its use.
I have used triluma and did not like it at all. It made my brownish spots look RED!! and my skin became super sensitive to basically everything!!! I couldn't use my skin care products, couldn't be out in the sun for few minutes so I really didn't like it. More than that, My Dermat. said that I am kind of allergic to Hq b/c my skin was really red all the time. I will never use this product again and I do not recommend it to anyone.
I have tried "Phyto+" by Skinceuticals and I liked it a lot. It did help lighten my spots and now I only need to "maintain" the results by using lots of Vitamin C and lightening products based on Kojic Acid and Citric Acid.
I also want to try the VI Peel, I have heard that it's great for melasma and no serious downtime!

All the best!
I did not know that birth control causes this? Is there any way to prevent this?
I use Thiospot rollerball on individual marks twice a day,high spf and retinol at night,this has made a difference and kept it minimal.However i did need a coarse of lazer sessions to kick start it,mine was also caused by hormonal changes fron the pill and pregnancy!It's the bane of my life!!!Never used Triluma but Thiopspot has given me no side effects.I do know that hormonal pigment is the hardest to treat which is rather annoying.
juadlu, I love your avatar.
Tri-luma got rid of my melasma in days! I had it pretty bad on the sides of my face from birth control. It is expensive and also really abrasive. I broke out a few times and my neck looked bad for a while. It brings out every imperfection as it works and also my neck was very tight and dry. It is now better but I only use it every few days and then I mix it with hydrocortisone 1% eventhough it has a steroid in it. It is very irritating and on the days after I use it my face is red and irritated. I recommend it as an immediate aid but then I would see if you can find other maintenance treatments. I will not be using another tube after this one is used up!
Lexi i only have a minuite but i have to say it sounds like to me you have used a lot products on your skin and personally i dont beleive you need a lot to keep in a good skin care rountine, im not sure what your skin care problems are but however using hydrocortisone on your face is not a good idea especicially as often as every few days, this does cause the skin to thin, personally i would recomend seeing a dermatologist or your GP and get proper skin care advice, its very difficult to advise someone over the net but it does like like to me you could be over doing it!

Anyhow i need to get on, tidying up me flat afraid but just had to reply to your post as you have to be careful with skin as much as you should look after it, you need to watch out how you do this as you could cause some long term dammage otherwise, good luck with it
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IluvNy--it is funny you say that! I just got done reading a plastic surgeons site and they basically talk about wrinkles and you know what--crepe-paper skin is not really aging at my age but more ove-exfoliation. I definitely have done this. I first started with the Jan Marini products at the advice of a p.s then I went on to use stronger AHA's and then started doing manual scrubs which I used the scouring side of a ******* sponge and now my skin is awful. Yes the hydrocortisone on the face and neck is probably thinning my skin and that is why I am going back to pure tretinoin and some copper peptides now. I am also going to just use "calming" products and am now desperately seeking palm oil as it is apparently THE ingredient to treat the harsh dryness I have inflicted on to my skin!

My issue has always been I am am obsessive compulsive. As you may have noted yesterday alone I bought about 7 products! I am now going to just keep it simple and yes I am making an appointment with a dermatologist. I am lucky to live near the famous Dr. Leslie Baumann and am going to see what I can do to get an appointment with her. She loves unique cases and after explaining the hell I have put my skin through she may agree to see me! I quite literally was using almost every approach in a harsh combination and now I realise it is more harm than good.
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Your Dr should have told you that Melasma is 'the mask of pregnancy' it often goes if it is hormonally related.

Ive used Triluma, it's expensive £260 and means you have to stay out of the sun, cold, wind and pretty much end your life. I stoped using mine and actually have a tube valid til August if you'd like a try hun.

Ali x
I've heard about these copper peptides. Many people swear by them. What form do you get them in (cream, serum etc) & what exactly do they do for you?
Hi--different experience here. I had melasma used Tri-luma and it cleared the melasma up in days quite literally. It was very harsh if I am honest and I would not call it "peeling" as it has been described but more chafing I would say. I had irritation, redness, dryness and scaly skin especially on my neck. After this cleared my skin was also cleared of all melasma and I have not used tri-luma since but just a bit of .05% tretinoin mixed with my night creams and have yet to have a recurrence. I also use a 50 wide spectrum sunblock daily now too though.
I had very bad melasma on my lower cheeks toward my jaw and on my neck and was surprised how well tri-luma worked for me. I think different products work on different people.
I've never been pregnant so I don't think what I have is melasma, but just hyperpigmentation from using products that were too rough on my skin. I started Triluma a few days ago in conjunction w/ Elite Laser treatments from a cosmetic dermatologist.

First impressions of Triluma:
USE WITH DISCERTION. This stuff is potent. I spread an very thin amount over the affected area (side of my face) at night, and went to bed. The next morning I truly shocked to see that the hyperpigmenation in the most dense areas seemed to "spread" out. This made my skin itself more even. Also, my skin was peeling. A portion of skin that had turned black (I have a dark complexion by the way), literally just came off when I wiped it. The dense area is continuing to peel away... I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but if my skin regrows the natural color that would be good! As for the less dense areas of pigmentation, those areas have definitely lightened up already, and I've seen little to no peeling there.... yet.

This is just after 1 use!

I'm supposed to be using the cream every other night for 2 weeks, then off 1 week, then back to the derm for laser treatment. Repeating this process 2 more times.

We'll see how it goes!

The Triluma was expensive (paid about $120) -- so far I've spent a total of $700.00 including the laser sessions.
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i also got melasma from birth control pill. my doctors also suggested this tri luma for me. i am also hesitant to use it. so what i did is test a tiny bit on my foot first to see if im allergic to it. i did it for 2 days but im not seeing any irritations yet. im thinking i'd start using it on my face from today. she also gave me cetaphil sunscreen of spf 50 and cetaphil gentle cleanser. i dont go out in the sun much only when i have to attend classes. and i wear a full on sunglass.

anyway lets see how it goes. i'd keep you updated.
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