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Anyone else try Replexion?

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I started trying replexion, because most of the ingredients *seemed* harmless- heard of a lot or found in common moisturizing product. It is supposed to have something in it, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline?) that is advertised as a 'botox alternative'. I tried it for about a week and a half- so far my face is just more hydrated, but my skin feels puffy, almost swollen. I'm thinking about stopping it. Anyone have any other experiences with it?
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How did Replexion affect your skin? Did you send it back?
It made my skin puffy and less elastic. It enlarged my pores as a result.. it took a LONG time (2 months) for this to go away. If i slept on my side, I would wake up with 'crease' marks in my skin that would take hours to go away. This all made certain areas of my face (around my nasal-labial folds) look worse... i.e. made me look like I was getting 'jowels' as I don't have them yet. It DID reduce the lines on my forhead, but all the other effects were much, much worse.

Yes, I returned it.

I do not know what in it caused my skin to react that way. They 'claimed' it was an unusual reaction, and maybe I was sensitive/allergic. Or maybe it has to do with the fact I'm 34 and maybe most of the people who try it have older skin. All I know was, continuing to try to use it for another week was a HUGE mistake for me.
It sounds like it just made your face retain water and swell. Some products do that to give your skin a more firmer, youthful appearance as well as less wrinkles. But as soon as you stop using it your face goes back to normal. I wouldn't recommend anything like that.
I didnt try it personally but i know someone who did. She didnt mentioned what you did, but she did say that it didnt give her the results she was hoping for.
largen your pores? that can't be good. have you had any luck with any other products?
I bought some Replexion and some LifeCell a few months ago.
Unfortunately I tried the LifeCell first.
Recently I ran out and started using Replexion. I HATE it. It's very greasy and takes forever to rub in and just feels horrible on my skin all day like it is covered in grease. I've only tried it about five times but I am not going to use anymore. I cant even stand to use it at night before I go to bed. It is unfortunate I started on LifeCell first because now it is too late to return this stuff - you have only 30 days. I am just going to chalk it up as a ~$200 loss.

Btw, LifeCell is great and I am going back to that.
I heard some good things about Replexion but I guess it may not be right on certain skin types.

LifeCell is pretty good after having tried it myself. The price is a little expensive though.
I am in my second month, have found no benefit at all. Product did not live up to its' claim. Did not lighten any sunspots on the bridge of my nose, nor did it deminish the look of lines around my lip area. Once I finish this jar, I will see if any changes occurr, doubt it..WOuld love to hear from anyone,who has found a product that would help! I tried the pro line from Loreal, that did nothing either.
I have had decent results with Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, but it is not my favorite of the peptides!

I noticed positive results the very first day. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I look noticeably less wrinkly around my eyes even when I do not have the cream on. I noticed that it does seem to puff my skin up slightly when I first put it on, but not much, and it looks good. My pores have gotten smaller. Originally I was only putting it around my eyes and it made the skin lighter there than on the rest of my face so now I am put it all over my face and it looks much nicer all over. I also noticed that it works much better when I squint my face up when putting it on, (like making the most wrinkles show as possible), than if I stretch my face out while putting it on. I think it has a tightening effect immediately and to get the quick results you need the least tension on the skin as possible. I also put it on 3 times a day instead of 2, so I am not sure if that makes much of a difference. I just like the way it feels, so I keep using it. I am also sharing my bottle with my best friend and she is showing good results as well.

I think some people have a bad reaction to something in it, but I have every sensitive skin, and it works great for me. I recommend it to others. I think this stuff is awesome
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Have you had an alergic reaction to Argireline? I used a cream that had Argireline in it and had a sort of numbing sensation overnight. It made my nose go soft and strange. It seemed to change the firmness and contours. After sleeping and frowning crease marks stayed for some time. I would never ever use a product with Argireline again.
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