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Anyone ever tried/heard off this product? xtendlife

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I can't post the url but maybe you can google it. Apparently they are made in New Zealand.

Looks interesting. They have a nice article which I cannot tell if it is a bunch of hype. I tend to be a sucker for believing things like that but not buying!
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I am sure if you emailed them, they would be happy to send a complete list of what is in the products.
...... I discovered them after a web search and made my decision after emailing them several times.
I'm sorry - but it is not right to have the customers chasing after the company for information like this. That is simply just bad business. There are just too many other options out there these days for consumers to put up with this type of irresponsibility.
Well, this is my opinion. I am already spending way too much time and money trying to delaying the effects of aging for my designated lifespan. I don't think that I can cope with the stress of an even longer lifespan. I just want to look my best for the time that I am in this "house" before I head out to the big "House."
OK then you probably wouldn't be interested in Peri's website either then, would you????
Huh? I am not familiar with that site and don't find it when I google it.

I'm all for immortality in the sense of an afterlife - but not stretching out my lifespan in an unnatural way. Do you really want to live until, say, 125 years of age?
1 - 4 of 101 Posts
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