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Anyone ever tried/heard off this product? xtendlife

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I can't post the url but maybe you can google it. Apparently they are made in New Zealand.

Looks interesting. They have a nice article which I cannot tell if it is a bunch of hype. I tend to be a sucker for believing things like that but not buying!
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The sea weed extracts have much the same function that matrixyl in Strivectin has, sea weed in Creme de la Mer and peptides of different sources have in numerous creams and serums. The combination of hyaluronic acid and peptides have become very basic in skin care. The hyaluronic protecting enzyme-inhibitor places its' self in line with all the anti-oxidants, vitamins and phyto-chemicals that in some way has proven themselfs against the attack of free radicals and other destructive forces that threathens our youthful looks. I do belive in the combination of CoQ10, lopoic acids,oils and anti-oxidants. Sound like a promising recipe.
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