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Anyone ever tried/heard off this product? xtendlife

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I can't post the url but maybe you can google it. Apparently they are made in New Zealand.

Looks interesting. They have a nice article which I cannot tell if it is a bunch of hype. I tend to be a sucker for believing things like that but not buying!
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Bella, I just happened to order this stuff day and night cream it sure did sound good. it's so hard to find things that REALLY work. I CAN tell you if you want to fill in a few lines I LOVE oil of olay line filler you can get it in the supermarket I have like 3 forehead lines which I hate..and they disapear ! I swear it. they do. I turned 45 and POW I have freaked out and bought creams up the wazoo..LOL.....Honestly I am 45 but look 30- 32 thanks to my Moms skin.. but I do have a round face and cheeks so I have started getting laugh lines as well. under eye very fine but you know they are HUGE to you. I Thank God I do look what I do but I want to stop them now.LOL I will let you know about the cream I will get it soon
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