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I went to Milan recently and me and my mother had a facial in a spa owned by the Hotel. The oriducts used there were called DiBi and they are apparently, Italy's Number 1 Salon and home beauty Brand!

OH MY GOD were their products the best I have tried!!!!!!! I have oily skin, so they gave me a facial under their IMPURE SKIN range. My Mother (being mid sixties) opten for an anti age treatment, they had so many to chose from but eventually she had a collagen facial under their TIME RETURN line.

They selected recommended and sold us day and night moisturisers from those ranges and I have to say we are both awed by the results. They were rather pricey too but not stupidly expensive.

Only problem is, we cannot seem to locate these products in the UK as the distributor closed down.

Has anyone heard of this amazing range? Wht isnt it as well known? Anyone know where to get them?
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