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Anyone knows solutions to acne problems?

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I have been suffering from acne problems and sometimes they really get worse. I have tried many of the anti-acne products available but I am not satisfied with them as I feel that the results they give are just a matter of time. Can anyone suggest me a good remedy for this?
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Hi there,

I'd like to draw your attention to the work of a leading French dermatologist. He recommended that people with acne give up their 'anti-acne' products and do the following.

1. Use a non-acidic soap [they usually use an acid-based soap]

2. Use a non-alcohol based toner [they usually use an alcohol-based toner]

3. Keep out of the sun [they usually do the opposite]

4. Use oily cleansers and moisurizers [They use water-based products]

To sum up, why not try 'SIMPLE' products for example. Their cleanser and toner fit the category above. Use a sun-block for day and cold cream at night.

To see the products simply click on the link below:

Skincare | Simple Skincare | Simple

Warm regards,

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1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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