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Anyone tried Mediderm

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Whitening creams?

MediDerm Laboratories

The list of ingredients look promising
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thier products arnt that good. I tried it about a year ago and it didnt do anything for me.
It says on their thing that it's not supposed to be used for the whole body.
Im not looking for body lightening, just my face. My body is pretty light, except my arms. And omg my hands are soo light compared to my face.. i hate it!
AngelFace, I'm just like you. Like 75% of my body is lighter than my face. It's so weird.
I know right. I always put my hands next to my face when Im looking at the mirror.. cuz thats the color I want for my face!

And whenver my hands tan when im in the beach, they always revert back so quick to light..unlike my face which stays dark.
Your face gets the most sun exposure so of course it will be the darkest
my stomach is darker than almost anything on my body. weird. my hands and face are the lightest...
i agree with lovemelots. I tried it once. It's in Cali...and not that great. What works for me is Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula- Colorlite Plus, but I can't get my hands on it anymore!!! Does anyone know of a reseller? I got mine in Korea.

Also, has anyoen tried using these products? I want to try some more of there's but I don't knwo where to start. Thanks!
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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