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anyone use arbonne skincare products?

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I have just ordered the new FC5 line. I am 24 and have oily acne prone skin...I am REALLY hoping this helps clear me up. I havent found alot of reviews as this is a new line of their products. It was either this or proactiv but have read that it is Very harsh on your face. I hope i made the right choice as it was quite expensive but dont care if it works. What is everyones experience with arbonne skin products? and how long did it take to see results? are the face washes good makeup removers as well and deep cleaning, shrink pores.... any info is Greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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I used Arbonne NutriMin-C for 3 yrs-loved it!! I just can't afford it anymore. I think it would be worth trying. My sister would not pay for Arbonne and used ProActiv and loved it.
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