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Hey DoodooBrown! Thanks for offering to take questions and share what you've learned with us! :D I'm not sure how many DIYers there are in these forums at the moment due to the popularity of some ready-made products like G&G, Carolight, etc. but there is definitely still a small group of us interested in learning more about it! I have a few questions to get this thread started. 1. What was your starting shade and how many shades have you gone up since diying your products? (how long did it take?) 2. What is the most effective lightener you've made in your opinion, and what is the recipe? 3. Do you have any idea how to make kojic acid serums? (Me and many other diyers are at a total loss. :( ) 4. Are there any other recipes you'd like to share? (fav serums, sunscreens, lotions, whatever else you DIY that deserves a mention) 5. :thankyou: in advance hun! You're awesome for doing this. :heart:
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