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Apply LIGHTENERS in this order for the BEST RESULTS 2014

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Hello SCT!

I never stop looking for info on the efficacy of lightening. Since I prefer to mix my lightening potions and that has worked for me. Sct'ers ask me how I mix some of my products or how I layer them. I apologize in advance,
if theres a thread about this already

I figured I would let you in on some info I discovered a while ago.

While away for the summer, I didn't wanna miss out on any fun at the beach either so I also have some tips, better late than never.

I don't remember what site I got this info from one late night but I screenshot this info.

RULE of THUMB, products get applied in the following sequence

1. Serums

2. Gels

3. Lotions


5. Oils

Make sure you apply enough product to cover the skin. And Always let the product soak into the skin completely before applying another product over it.

AND since I can't be bothered with re applying Sunscreen most of the time try this
For sun protection during the day. And to avoid premature aging and skin darkening ,Go to a sports store or online and grab Sun protective clothing. It should be labeled UPF (ultra violet protection factor) which tells you how effective the clothing shields against the sun. Also labels UVR(ultra violet radiation)

The more vivid the color, the better it will protect you. I hold the fabric up to the sun and if I see a lot of sun rays coming through the fabric, I switch to something with a tighter weft. If you don't wanna spend much find t- shirts etc that are tightly wefted so that sun rays can't get through the fabric as much
Hope this helps Fam, Love DOODOOBROWN
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@ Doodoobrown... I am using an lotion AHA. Its thick... do I apply serum first or lotion
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It looks like something that would make your face purge, strong enough for a mans face

I don't think I could use that one on my face, only on my body. Only Reviva 10% ga cream works for my face.

Where do they sell this lotion? @John-Dave @KingKojic thanks
I got mines at winners when it was on sale.. I use it my hands and neck as well.. keeps if fresh and moisturized..
That right there used to be my BABY when i was on HQ. it broke me out like a mutha when i first started it cause it made my skin purge but after a couple weeks my face was on point.
I did Purge a couple pimples but I used a BHA gel spot treatment was gone in a couple of days...

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thank you darling... I've been m.i.a. Pardon my tardiness and hish:d @kajal

i hope you are reaching your goals quickly
@DOODOOBROWN... Welcome back :)
Hello babeee,,, Thanks @John-Dave ,,, what's new??
Hey all is well here.... G&G is doing me great.... along with the Mitchell Brand Products.. How are things with your regimen.. still on HQ or natural ? etc
@John-Dave G&G is that shish!!! good for you dear... I'm Mostly using natural, just a little arbutin in my ikb soap, but no HQ products anymore.. I think when I tried using SL milk again the smell gave me a headache and it scared me away..SL sits in my closet all mixed and shish for nothing, just a memory.
I do plenty of exotic soaps exfoliation and occlude at night. And still do glut IV on and off. I was getting track marks in my vein, thats not cool..
But I basically keep the lighty maintenance process easy and fast
Nice and Simple... Glut IV sounds interesting will have to research some more... Thanks..
@John-Dave yes simple finally,, it took a lot to get here lol.. Are you layering G&G these days or mixing your G&G with something else?
@DOODOOBROWN... depending... how I feel that day.. I have the cream and oil... either G&G solo... g&g cream mixed with the oil in my hands... or layer the oil over cream.... its my go to cream for when I wanna lighten 2 to 3 shades... other than than I maintain with KA soaps or regular exfoliating soaps.. along with LA lotion and 3000 mg of vitamin c.... but I am on 7 month journey with the cream to see how far it takes me since its fall/winter season now... I am nw 40 trying to get to nw 35... What shade are you maintaining at? NC 42 still?
@DOODOOBROWN.. I just saw this comment.... I had a bad reaction to G&G gave me red bumps... My skin tone fluatucles from Nc 45 to Nc 42 at the lightest... Basically my staples are Kojie san soap or dead sea soap 2 times a week only.. Mild LA lotion daily and Glycolic acid lotion........ IKB Arbutin lotion.. this took me to an NC 42 with 3 months plus it was still winter/spring season... so no sun exposure.... now I have a tan on my outter arm and I stopped using IKB lotion... So back to Nc 44/45 so starting back up this month.... My Ava tor is Me.....
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