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Apply LIGHTENERS in this order for the BEST RESULTS 2014

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Hello SCT!

I never stop looking for info on the efficacy of lightening. Since I prefer to mix my lightening potions and that has worked for me. Sct'ers ask me how I mix some of my products or how I layer them. I apologize in advance,
if theres a thread about this already

I figured I would let you in on some info I discovered a while ago.

While away for the summer, I didn't wanna miss out on any fun at the beach either so I also have some tips, better late than never.

I don't remember what site I got this info from one late night but I screenshot this info.

RULE of THUMB, products get applied in the following sequence

1. Serums

2. Gels

3. Lotions


5. Oils

Make sure you apply enough product to cover the skin. And Always let the product soak into the skin completely before applying another product over it.

AND since I can't be bothered with re applying Sunscreen most of the time try this
For sun protection during the day. And to avoid premature aging and skin darkening ,Go to a sports store or online and grab Sun protective clothing. It should be labeled UPF (ultra violet protection factor) which tells you how effective the clothing shields against the sun. Also labels UVR(ultra violet radiation)

The more vivid the color, the better it will protect you. I hold the fabric up to the sun and if I see a lot of sun rays coming through the fabric, I switch to something with a tighter weft. If you don't wanna spend much find t- shirts etc that are tightly wefted so that sun rays can't get through the fabric as much
Hope this helps Fam, Love DOODOOBROWN
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Its great that this came back up. Awesome reminder.

Although I put my oils before my creams.....just my preference tho.
I know right? you never know what thread will come back lol... @lightboy... if you feel it works better that way for you..then go. Thats like putting oil on top of the egg you're trying to fry. It will still fry but it will take longer.
Yeah I've always used my G&G oil before my cream but I'm gonna try it the other way around this time.
Good to know @DOODOOBROWN definitely will do. We'll see how it goes.
You don't gave to do the butters daily. I'd say just once or twice a week. When I used amlactin I used it everyday.
Yeah u can use LA peel on your sensitive areas you just gotta not leave it on very long at first.
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