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Are there soaps out there that are stronger than Asantee?

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I just had my first shower with the Asantee Goat's Milk + Tamarind soap, and not even kidding but I can feel the tingling burning sensation on my legs now and a bit on my stomach now. My face is fine but that was because I was so scared that it'll melt it off if I keep it on for too long lmao. Safe to say that this soap is definitely very strong and must be handled with care, esp for newbies. (I started with Likas, Kojie San, and then the Asantee papaya for a few months to prepare.)

I've read very old posts and threads about soaps and esp Asantee soaps because the general consensus here is that they are quite strong and very good for permatan removal. Despite how still scared I am with my new soap, I'm going to keep going with it.

I could have sworn, though, that a poster said he knows of a soap that's even stronger than the Asantee goats milk tamarind, which has to be an insane soap if it exists. The poster's username was nuckingfutz, but I'm sure they've moved on from this place a long time ago, so there's no way for me to reach them now, unless I'm wrong and they lurk here still from time to time. :unsure:

So, are there any soaps that are stronger than Asantee? Just curious!
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Wow, I've never even heard of this soap but your description alone seems like this would be strong enough for now!
You seem very cautious with this one, you think your ready for something stronger?

I see they seem to have a Papaya version of this, that's the one I'd be tip toeing around lol.
I used a Papaya/Orange soap and it burned so bad! This type of soap I'd only use on my body, too
scared to use on my face any longer.
The Papaya one I used from Asantee was mixed with honey, so it felt quite gentle. But then again, I really prepped my skin through some bars of Likas before jumping in with that one lol!

Yeah I'm still feeling tingles and itches all over me now, it's so strong. It's like wiping your body with a bar of pure acid. o_O I don't think I can handle anything stronger than the goat tamarind soap, so I'm shocked that there were rumors of an even stronger soap. No thank you!

Do you like any other brands of papaya soaps? Out of all the different flavors of soaps, papaya seems to be an old classic that just works.
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yeah asantee is amazing I vouch on it
I haven't been able to find anything stronger but I cycle my soaps because I feel after 3 months it stops working as good
so I do african soap mix soap for 3 months, than switch to glutathione kojic dual soap than I switch to asantee than I go back to the african soap mi
Thank you for your response, brownies! Do you have any favorites from Asantee aside from the goat tamarind?
Can't go wrong with african black soap, very clarifying, deeply cleansing, and I swear it lightened me when I lived abroad before.
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The Glutathione Kojic dual soap was too strong to leave on for 5minutes. It made my skin very sensitive. I switched back to kojie san. I am done burning parts of myself and then spending 2 months on recovery.
Which brand was the glutathione kojic dual soap? I do love Kojie San, but it does take it's sweet time in lightening. It exfoliated mad good tho, definitely gave me much softer and glowing skin after a week of using it. I feel it can be a good addition to my maintenance routine once I'm well rid of this permatan.

@pale-star Good to see that you read the old threads , regular tamarind soaps can be super strong depending on the brand. Potato soap or Rice Thai soaps work well too
Thank you, I've been spending many weeks looking high and low on this website before I start any threads. I did used rice milk soap from K Brothers and that ish burned me, it was so weird because I figured it'd be more of gentle lightening soap that can also moisturize. Naw, that thing tried to eat my skin. 😭

Do you have any fave brands regarding the potato and rice thai soaps? I coulda sworn I saw a potato soap that claims to get rid of tans, but I feel skeptical since I've never tried it. 😶

tbh I only tried the goat tamarind one from asantee
I usually never try something new unless a member I trust vouches on it , I wasted so much money trying new products that didn't work, that now I rather be safe than sorry
but yeah african soap specially when mix with the right stuff is beyond amazing

I like this thread thank you for starting maybe we will both find some good new gems in here
I think soaps really are a key ingredient in lightening properly and naturally
No probs! Yeah I love soaps, they can definitely lighten you if you know which one to get that can work well for your unique skin type, I figured that someone must've known if there's a secret soap that can be ultra strong but ehhhhh better just stick with the goat tamarind soap for now and let it do its job.

I actually was interested in this soap
seems strong it's called
" Extra Strength Whitening Soap w/Glutathione,Goat's milk,Rosehip"
this is how it looks

did anyone tried this before?

again I'm not blindly buying products anymore, I need to be sure it works
I always see that in the flawlessskinandbeauty website but haven't tried this one yet. I've tried their other soaps that more or less looks the same but mixed with papaya and such, and they're more on the milder side to be honest with you. But maybe goat's milk mixed with kojic acid can make it stronger? Worth a shot!
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Forgot to mention also, it's my second day and I already have such a great feeling about my Asantee soap. 🥰 The way it just... it is literally making me look quite pale, but like in a good way! I really just adore the K-Pop star look with their milky complexions and it's been a dream for years to have that same pale look. I know Kojie San can give the same pale look but again, it's a milder soap and it takes a while to get there. But Asantee is already giving me a preview of what I'll look like without my permatan and it looks so so so good!

If you want that pale look.... Goat's Milk + Tamarind is the one for you!
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I find kojic acid (kojie san) to be much stronger and harsher than asantee, then again I have sensitive skin
There is also
nano white soap (high amount of kojic, Filipino soap)
bleaching 2000 soap (I have seen reviews that its really effective)
retinoic soap 2000 (same brand as above, a user here said she used it on her legs and it really lightened her skin)

I use goat milk and tamarind asantee soap and it doesn't do anything except gentle exfoliating (but I don't use it much anymore bcos if it accidentally gets on my coochie FIRREEE), it won't give you any skin tone per say. Goat milk itself is meant to be gentle, not harsh. If you want anything strong then goat milk isn't what to go for. Kojic is generally the harshest.
Hi honey, thank you so much for this! I do love kojic acid, let me tell you! Kojie San will always have a place inside my heart because it really is effective and has given me results before.

I'm going to check out all of those soaps, so thank you so much for the recs! I'm really sorry that the goat tamarind didn't do much for you, but can attest it's exfoliation powers so far. I still have another bar of Asantee papaya and honey soap to go through, just to really prepare myself for using lightening agents. For chemical peels, do you know any good ones? I'm thinking of getting these from MUAC:

Brown Liquid Plant Fluid Bottle
Bottle Liquid Plant Fluid Bottle cap

Regarding your last comment with goat's milk being gentle, I think generally the goat's milk soaps that are produced in America and Europe tend to be the gentle moisturizing ones because Westerners are more concerned about being soft rather than lightening themselves lol. Whereas in Asia, the goat's milk soaps they produce have things added to them to make them exfoliate and lighten you (nearly to the point of burning) because that's the look that the people want. I'm guessing the tamarind seems to "activate" something in the goat's milk that's making people burn up? :unsure:

I read through more of that user nuckingfutz posts and came across one that was very interesting, but apparently K Brothers has a pure goat's milk soap that feels stronger than goat's milk/tamarind. And if that's true then sheeeeeeeeesh then that soap must be lethal. Found some on ebay that are directly from Thailand, so I'm keeping my eye on it while I finish up on these Asantee soaps meanwhile.

What is your complexion now? because it'll only make you 'milky' if you're already very light to begin with (like NC35 and less).
My permatan is basically like NC40, I don't get any darker than that except maybe when I was a child and let the sun bake me all day long lol then maybe a touch darker, but really yeah the tan is just NC40. Now I'm between NC35-30. Years prior when I had lived in very cold climate, I've gotten as pale as an NC20 shade or probably even lighter, not sure but yeah people called me sickly looking at the time lol. I'm just prone to tanning very easily but could just as easily lose it, it's weird.
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Tried several Asantee soap but my favorite is this one
OMG I've been looking at that soap again and again while shopping around online for more soaps lol! What was it like using it? Did it felt very strong or more on the gentle side? People shouldn't sleep on rice milk imo, it supposedly has lightening properties and when I used a rice milk soap from K Brothers, it felt very strong, like wanting to eat my permatan away type of strong. :oops:

This is non skincare related, but I've been using rice water shampoo and conditioner soap bars on my hair and it definitely made it grow much faster and longer than without them. Something about that rice! 🥰

Happy V-Day to you all btw!
You are all too kind, thank you all so so much for all of your advice and help, for real! 🥰😘
@pale-star not sure if your read this soap thread but it has great info. Even though its an old thread, the soaps mentioned still exist. I've tried so many soaps in my life but I do love Asantee soaps.

As for nuckingfutz gosh those were the days, loved him! He was in Thailand and would pop in and out when he had access and was able too. Lets @mention him and pray he see's it 🥰

As for your question about MUAC fade peel, I LOVE it!! Super easy to use, but can be strong if your not used to acids. I didn't read all that you wrote, just saw the question about MUAC. Is this your first peel? If so tred lightly. Its a mix of GA (30%) and LA (20%) with a splash of KA and MA. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse with soap and water!
Oh I have read through that thread but I don't think it'll hurt me to re-read it again, just to see if something new pops up for me, so thank you so much for bringing that old thread back from the grave lol!

I knowwww, it just seems like he was some soap expert and I was hanging onto all of his posts while I was doing my research, so it disheartened me to see that his last post was from 2015. 😭 If he could just tell us what that magical soap was that he mentioned was actually stronger than all the Asantees combined... like seriously, he said it was like if the soap was a Nobel prize or something, it was that... and it was apparently hard to get even in Thailand because of how coveted it was... of course I wanted to know what it was, ughhh!

I have used peels before, very gentle ones like an enzyme one or an LA lotion like Amlactin. I think I did do LA peels before like nearly a decade ago, but I really can't stand the smell of it. Are the MUAC peels at least unscented?

I may need to consider that rice milk soap after :D now I'm making a soap mix for my body (aka molato soap) which is basically a bunch of different soaps grated, melted and mixed together. I bought some nano white soap, kojie san soap, asantee (I only have the goat and tamarind left so I'll use that) and also Kojic white soap (it has kojic, papaya, arbutin, glutathione). I'll be applying it and leaving it on for like 10mins (maybe also with my sauna suit) before showering with a gentle soap. Because some parts of my skin is not receptive to anything!
Okay that sounds amazing! How do you do this molato soap, if you don't mind my asking? I know loads of people these days make their soaps from scratch but I'm nervous in messing mines up lmao.
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I caved and brought a 12 pack of K Brother's goat's milk soaps. Had another look around in the very old threads and saw that nuckingfutz said that the "straight up goat's milk" soaps from K Brothers are extremely strong, to the point that it may be more lethal than the goat's milk + tamarind mixtures from Asantee or other brands. I know I'm taking a huge risk but I think I'm ready for these little bars of death, lmao!

I need to ask though, but considering I know I need to add effective lighteners to my routine for permatan removal, how do we feel about the other products from the Kojie San line? I obv used the soaps before and they were great, but they have an American online store ( and I found these:

Kojie San Face Lightening Cream
Kojie San Body Lightening Lotion

They have kojic acid in them. Not sure I've been seeing old thread posts about these yet, they look a bit new, so just wondering! I know I should be adding acid peels to my routine, but just wanted to know about the other stuff first. Taking it easy right now with regular Dove beauty soap to wash myself these days ever since my Asantee soaps ran out. Honestly Asantee soaps are worth the hype, especially the goat tamarind, so if any one of you are reading this and on the fence, get emmmmm!

I also feel like I want to open up a new thread about vitamins and supplements that aren't just about skin lightening, but for other beauty benefits as well. Would this be alright? I am not too sure about repeating the same info when these old threads exist, so just wanted to know in case a mod here is reading this!
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Coolness! I'll write it sometime this week or maybe this weekend, got loads to do at the moment but I promise it'll be posted by this Sunday! Thank you!
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@pale-star Heyyyyyy I see this Asantee goat milk+tamarind soap is definitely worth a try. This forum is super helpful. Just ordered from a seller on Etsy. Any idea of serums, lotions for lightening too?.
There's a lot of products for skin lightening that it's quite hard to list them all. 😅
However, vitamin C is a great addition to a lightening routine. I've even seen large bottles of it for people to use all over their bodies. The serum helps with brightening.
Lotions and creams basically comes down to personal preferences. I've had my eye on the Kojie San line for their lightening lotions and creams, maybe you can try that first?
Hey all, real quick, I will do that supplement thread tomorrow once I get some shut-eye. Had a horribly busy week and I've been doing so much even today that I haven't caught the time to catch my breath, before I realized it's late at night and haven't done the thread. But I will, I promise, after I wake up and gather my thoughts. Thank you for your patience. ❤
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My K Brothers Goat's Milk soaps have arrived! I'm a bit scared that they really will feel stronger than the previous Asantee tamarind/goats milk soap, but hopefully I'm ready for it tonight when I take my nightcap shower before bedtime lol. I'll keep you all updated!
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Wait I'm so confused lol, is nuckingfutz here? Is he trying to talk to us? Please, I hope a forum legend like him could come back and lend us some more skin care wisdom! 🥰 @DOODOOBROWN
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Okay so I tried my new goat's milk soap from K Brothers and it comes in this box:

I brought in a pack of 12. The bars were on the smaller side. The first or second time I tried this soap in the shower, it felt like my skin was getting warmer and warmer and warmer until I freaked out and pulled myself under cool running water. But the softness I felt after I toweled off, y'all... I felt as soft and smooth as a baby's butt. I can't exactly see any whitening yet since it's barely been a week of using this, but so far it seems to exfoliate and moisturize my skin lovely. With the way it seems to be shrinking so quickly even when stored inside a soap box and taken out of the shower stall, I'd wager a bar would barely last two weeks of using it every single day.

I mean, it's a nice soap so far and I'll finish it, but I already miss my Asantee's goat's milk tamarind soap. 😭 That one still felt stronger overall. I also miss my Likas and Kojie San soaps because they're more milder for days when I don't feel like melting my skin off like candle wax lmao. Something to purchase for next time!
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I'm going to treat this thread like my own personal little blog because why not. 😌
I am honestly spooked, because I purchased a few supplements and have been using them for the past 4 weeks. These were MSM powder, Vitamin C crystals, and these nearly mega dose yet surprisingly cheap capsules of Pine Bark Extract. I was slow to up my mg concerning the MSM, and making sure I drank plenty of water.

Tell me why it friggin WIPED OUT my summer's tan in like a few days?!

I'm not kidding, it was so bizarre. I spent a little time under the blazing sun and accidentally got tanned. I felt bummed out because I know I knew better than to walk out without my sunscreen but decided to act cute about it, and got noticeably darker. I figured I could just maybe buy Kojie San and let that eat away the fresh tan. But I was faithful in taking my MSM every single day, even pushing it past the little side effects like headaches and nausea here and there.. and y'all, it absolutely just dropped my tan like it was nothing. I wasn't even doing any special skin care regarding exfoliating or lightening or nothin'. It just... fell off. 😳

Maybe it's not the MSM, I'm thinking it's the Pine Bark Extract, because a lovely member here mentioned that it prevents tanning. It feels too soon to tell if it does that job perfectly since I'm still trying to up my dosage with the other supplements to the point that I can fight against UV damage like that... But this is too weird. This has never happen to me before.

Just wanted to let you all know this weird little miracle! Supplementing during the summer is probs not such a bad idea, especially with how hot the Earth has become these past several years smh.
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Comeeee thrruuuu with the info
I think it was the pine bark tbh, I haven’t tried it but I did a little search and it seems that some studies shave shown it reduces or eliminates free radicals caused by UV exposure as well as its effect on the skin (ie. Tanning). I’m curious about it and may add this to my supplements once it gets warmer (or for vacation). Because we work tooooo damn hard for the sun just to rip it all away from us!
Girl don't I know it! 🤣
The pine bark extract I'm taking are these ones I found on a whim one day while I was shopping online:
Liquid Food Green Bottle Ingredient

To be for real with you, idek how many mg I was supposed to be taking at first because these are just capsules. A part of me wonders if I should have gone with a powder bag instead... But it wasn't too expensive and I wanted to give it a shot. And it seems to be working the way this forum touts it with the UV protection. There was a study I found that pycnogenol/pine bark extract can reduce tanning on the skin by 50%-75%, which is crazy.

I am honestly at the beginning of my skin lightening journey, so I can't really go into details about insane results as of yet. I'm waiting for an Asantee soap to arrive soon, so I'll be able to gauge how well this works along with skin lightening products on top of sunscreen and what not. But yeah, honestly, pine bark extract is legit, so if you're on the fence, hop off safely and get you sum!
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Okay, so I finished up my Asantee rice milk soap and all I gotta say is... It was okay. It didn't seem to give me as strong of a result like their Goat's milk tamarind one, so I will keep purchasing that one once I use up my new all-natural African Black soap I got online yesterday. This one buffs my skin beautifully unlike the rice milk soap, so we'll see how things go.

I am going to make it a mission to try all of Asantee's soaps and properly give my reviews to all of them, but patience is a virtue so please give me time lmao.
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