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Are there soaps out there that are stronger than Asantee?

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I just had my first shower with the Asantee Goat's Milk + Tamarind soap, and not even kidding but I can feel the tingling burning sensation on my legs now and a bit on my stomach now. My face is fine but that was because I was so scared that it'll melt it off if I keep it on for too long lmao. Safe to say that this soap is definitely very strong and must be handled with care, esp for newbies. (I started with Likas, Kojie San, and then the Asantee papaya for a few months to prepare.)

I've read very old posts and threads about soaps and esp Asantee soaps because the general consensus here is that they are quite strong and very good for permatan removal. Despite how still scared I am with my new soap, I'm going to keep going with it.

I could have sworn, though, that a poster said he knows of a soap that's even stronger than the Asantee goats milk tamarind, which has to be an insane soap if it exists. The poster's username was nuckingfutz, but I'm sure they've moved on from this place a long time ago, so there's no way for me to reach them now, unless I'm wrong and they lurk here still from time to time. :unsure:

So, are there any soaps that are stronger than Asantee? Just curious!
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yeah asantee is amazing I vouch on it
I haven't been able to find anything stronger but I cycle my soaps because I feel after 3 months it stops working as good
so I do african soap mix soap for 3 months, than switch to glutathione kojic dual soap than I switch to asantee than I go back to the african soap mi
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Thank you for your response, brownies! Do you have any favorites from Asantee aside from the goat tamarind?
Can't go wrong with african black soap, very clarifying, deeply cleansing, and I swear it lightened me when I lived abroad before.
tbh I only tried the goat tamarind one from asantee
I usually never try something new unless a member I trust vouches on it , I wasted so much money trying new products that didn't work, that now I rather be safe than sorry
but yeah african soap specially when mix with the right stuff is beyond amazing

I like this thread thank you for starting maybe we will both find some good new gems in here
I think soaps really are a key ingredient in lightening properly and naturally
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I actually was interested in this soap
seems strong it's called
" Extra Strength Whitening Soap w/Glutathione,Goat's milk,Rosehip"
this is how it looks

did anyone tried this before?

again I'm not blindly buying products anymore, I need to be sure it works
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Hi honey, thank you so much for this! I do love kojic acid, let me tell you! Kojie San will always have a place inside my heart because it really is effective and has given me results before.

I'm going to check out all of those soaps, so thank you so much for the recs! I'm really sorry that the goat tamarind didn't do much for you, but can attest it's exfoliation powers so far. I still have another bar of Asantee papaya and honey soap to go through, just to really prepare myself for using lightening agents. For chemical peels, do you know any good ones? I'm thinking of getting these from MUAC:

View attachment 68192 and View attachment 68193

I know you didn't ask me
but def get the muac peelings there are AMAZING
I think they boost my results a lot I would advice you to get the lactic acid peel start with 40%, the body peel you posted I also used it and it's also good
imo muac has the best peelings in the market
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@brownies19 your soap rotation idea seems very nice, I'll be adopting it. Do you mind sharing ingredients added to your african soap mix?
Recently kojie san has been working well even when I don't leave it on my face to dry. Leaving it to dry hurt my face so that method is a no for me! Soaps are an essential part of getting even skin tone, I'll be following this thread to learn more.
its a mix I buy I don't make it on my own
I get it on ebay its this one
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