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Are there soaps out there that are stronger than Asantee?

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I just had my first shower with the Asantee Goat's Milk + Tamarind soap, and not even kidding but I can feel the tingling burning sensation on my legs now and a bit on my stomach now. My face is fine but that was because I was so scared that it'll melt it off if I keep it on for too long lmao. Safe to say that this soap is definitely very strong and must be handled with care, esp for newbies. (I started with Likas, Kojie San, and then the Asantee papaya for a few months to prepare.)

I've read very old posts and threads about soaps and esp Asantee soaps because the general consensus here is that they are quite strong and very good for permatan removal. Despite how still scared I am with my new soap, I'm going to keep going with it.

I could have sworn, though, that a poster said he knows of a soap that's even stronger than the Asantee goats milk tamarind, which has to be an insane soap if it exists. The poster's username was nuckingfutz, but I'm sure they've moved on from this place a long time ago, so there's no way for me to reach them now, unless I'm wrong and they lurk here still from time to time. :unsure:

So, are there any soaps that are stronger than Asantee? Just curious!
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I find kojic acid (kojie san) to be much stronger and harsher than asantee, then again I have sensitive skin
There is also
nano white soap (high amount of kojic, Filipino soap)
bleaching 2000 soap (I have seen reviews that its really effective)
retinoic soap 2000 (same brand as above, a user here said she used it on her legs and it really lightened her skin)

I use goat milk and tamarind asantee soap and it doesn't do anything except gentle exfoliating (but I don't use it much anymore bcos if it accidentally gets on my coochie FIRREEE), it won't give you any skin tone per say. Goat milk itself is meant to be gentle, not harsh. If you want anything strong then goat milk isn't what to go for. Kojic is generally the harshest.
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I actually was interested in this soap
seems strong it's called
" Extra Strength Whitening Soap w/Glutathione,Goat's milk,Rosehip"
this is how it looks

did anyone tried this before?

again I'm not blindly buying products anymore, I need to be sure it works
I've heard its really good but I've never used it
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Forgot to mention also, it's my second day and I already have such a great feeling about my Asantee soap. 🥰 The way it just... it is literally making me look quite pale, but like in a good way! I really just adore the K-Pop star look with their milky complexions and it's been a dream for years to have that same pale look. I know Kojie San can give the same pale look but again, it's a milder soap and it takes a while to get there. But Asantee is already giving me a preview of what I'll look like without my permatan and it looks so so so good!

If you want that pale look.... Goat's Milk + Tamarind is the one for you!
What is your complexion now? because it'll only make you 'milky' if you're already very light to begin with (like NC35 and less).
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Kojie San:oops: Yep! That's the soap that did me in, stings, stings, stings on my skin whoo it hurt! lol
My face felt very warm after I washed it off, think I left it on my skin too long. How is a soap suppose to
help if you wash it off so fast, so I let it dry then rinsed it off, bad idea I guess.
Yeahh our skin is too sensitive, I dare not use kojic soap on my face. I leave it on for like 20 seconds and it burns and for the rest of the week I have rashes and red dots on my face. Horrible lol. I'll keep to my 7% ordinary glycolic face toner for my face :cry:
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OMG I've been looking at that soap again and again while shopping around online for more soaps lol! What was it like using it? Did it felt very strong or more on the gentle side? People shouldn't sleep on rice milk imo, it supposedly has lightening properties and when I used a rice milk soap from K Brothers, it felt very strong, like wanting to eat my permatan away type of strong. :oops:

This is non skincare related, but I've been using rice water shampoo and conditioner soap bars on my hair and it definitely made it grow much faster and longer than without them. Something about that rice! 🥰

Happy V-Day to you all btw!
I may need to consider that rice milk soap after :D now I'm making a soap mix for my body (aka molato soap) which is basically a bunch of different soaps grated, melted and mixed together. I bought some nano white soap, kojie san soap, asantee (I only have the goat and tamarind left so I'll use that) and also Kojic white soap (it has kojic, papaya, arbutin, glutathione). I'll be applying it and leaving it on for like 10mins (maybe also with my sauna suit) before showering with a gentle soap. Because some parts of my skin is not receptive to anything!
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I'm going to treat this thread like my own personal little blog because why not. 😌
I am honestly spooked, because I purchased a few supplements and have been using them for the past 4 weeks. These were MSM powder, Vitamin C crystals, and these nearly mega dose yet surprisingly cheap capsules of Pine Bark Extract. I was slow to up my mg concerning the MSM, and making sure I drank plenty of water.

Tell me why it friggin WIPED OUT my summer's tan in like a few days?!

I'm not kidding, it was so bizarre. I spent a little time under the blazing sun and accidentally got tanned. I felt bummed out because I know I knew better than to walk out without my sunscreen but decided to act cute about it, and got noticeably darker. I figured I could just maybe buy Kojie San and let that eat away the fresh tan. But I was faithful in taking my MSM every single day, even pushing it past the little side effects like headaches and nausea here and there.. and y'all, it absolutely just dropped my tan like it was nothing. I wasn't even doing any special skin care regarding exfoliating or lightening or nothin'. It just... fell off. 😳

Maybe it's not the MSM, I'm thinking it's the Pine Bark Extract, because a lovely member here mentioned that it prevents tanning. It feels too soon to tell if it does that job perfectly since I'm still trying to up my dosage with the other supplements to the point that I can fight against UV damage like that... But this is too weird. This has never happen to me before.

Just wanted to let you all know this weird little miracle! Supplementing during the summer is probs not such a bad idea, especially with how hot the Earth has become these past several years smh.
Comeeee thrruuuu with the info
I think it was the pine bark tbh, I haven’t tried it but I did a little search and it seems that some studies shave shown it reduces or eliminates free radicals caused by UV exposure as well as its effect on the skin (ie. Tanning). I’m curious about it and may add this to my supplements once it gets warmer (or for vacation). Because we work tooooo damn hard for the sun just to rip it all away from us!
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Blog post time! A relative of mine commented on how absolutely white my legs, thighs and feet are, but my face and neck seems at least a shade or two darker in comparison. No biggie and I thanked her for her honesty. I purchased a few more bars of Asantee goat's milk to go ham on my face to try and even everything out before the weather gets too warm here. I feel like the black soap at least cleaned up the dead skin out so I'm ready for Her Majesty to lighten me harder than before. Can't wait!

Not to be that person, but I've been a bit freaked out about the controversy over unhealthy and unsafe ingredients versus healthier and safer ones. I'll be looking up ingredient lists of the more popular products on this forum, and there's always at least a few that EWG says are hazardous, and even banned in some countries. I do want to lighten up, but I don't want to take up any risks in the long-term at the same time. This is so worrisome.

The good news is that Asantee's goat milk tamarind has been given the okay by EWG lol! And is quite literally the strongest soap I've ever used, so I'm very happy.
IMO if you have a SLIGHTLY darker face, it looks more natural. Natural lightskins in my family have whitteeee hands and legs and their face is like 1/2-1 shade darker. When my face and body matched, my mama accused my of bleaching lol, but once my body became slightly lighter it all seemed more natural (+ my face is now more yellow toned than pale whitish). Just my 2 cents….also what’s EWG?
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That do be making sense lol! My outer arms also be holding color like its life or death for them, so I may need to attack them with some type of acid or peels soon, because nothing else seems to be making them budge. Do your arms also match or are they darker?

EWG is shorthand for Environmental Working Group, an American activist group that researches common skin care ingredients and see which ones are hazardous to our health and the environment, and which are okay to use. You can look up either specific ingredients, or entire skin care product lines, to see if they approve of it or not based on safety measures. As much as I want to lighten and even out, I don't want to put my health in jeopardy in the pursuit of this at the same time.

It's crazy, because even Likas pinged their radar with one of its ingredients as questionabble, I think the color orange additive that they use for the soap was apparently banned in Europe. 🤔 But honestly, it's such a mild soap that I don't think it's as dangerous as things like, idk, a mercury-based bleach that you might find at a black market somewhere lmao! So really, it's just one of those things you can keep in mind, but to be so worried over it might not be helpful, imho.
My arms took FOREVERRRR! I blasted it with HQ and 15% TCA peels to get it to match lol now it’s fine. Tbh europe bans anything that remotely sounds suspicious 😂 keeping your health good is more important so it’s good. I’ll check them out Bcos I’m considering using Dodo on my knuckles! These coal knuckles are relentless and keep on relapsing and HQ cream, alpha arbutin isn’t working on them at alllllll, it’s so frustrating. I’m newly engaged and can’t even proudly show off my ring, I need to get these hands perfected before my wedding next year //Rant over lol.

i did see somewhere that a likes soap was found to have traces of mercury,I can’t remember which one but since then I’ve been avoiding Likas like a plague. Anything made in the Philippines or Jamaica is highly questionable. At least in Africa like Congo they use highhhh HQ but never mercury! That shit kills
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Hey girly sorry for the late response!

Oh, I've been super curious about TCA peels lately, will have to look into it some more because I don't wanna ruin my arms with something so strong. Is it true that you have to use some type of bleach before and along with the peel to prevent any post hyperpigmentation? I thought I read something about it happening to people years ago, so just curious, no worries if you can't respond or too busy right now.

Congratulations on your engagement! 🥺❤

Oh my God, Likas has mercury?! Aw hell no, I can't believe the old beloved is tainted after all! The way they kept harping it as an organic soap always made me doubt it in the back of my mind, but there it is smh. I feel like I can't even find any all-natural papaya soaps around here at all, it's always got some type of weird acid or other questionable ingredients mixed into it. I think I should just stick with African black soap if I just need a nice exfoliating soap.


Blog update: My Asantee GMT arrived yesterday and I immediately used it after my gym routine lol. It burned my legs a bit because I shaved not too long ago and I nicked myself in a few places, so it was like dropping tabasco sauce on them.😞Lots of itching and burning on them, as well as a bit on my face and neck. I did moisturize after though, and woke up with a seriously soft face that could compete against a baby's butt lmao.

So I got a bag of hardened shea butter that I want to whip up in a bowl, and have been looking up tutorials on it. I am aware of its skin brightening properties, but I think I heard you can't wear it outside because it's otherwise oily under base can accidentally tan you under the sun, is this true? This question is for everyone because y'all know better than me regarding lotions and creams; I'm quite ignorant on this topic still lol!

I keep looking up natural butters to see which would be more appropriate for daytime wear and that it won't accelarate tanning under the sun, but I guess butters in general is not a good idea to wear when it's summer out. At the same time, I'm trying to steer clear of conventional products unless they work and are 100% safe to use, which.. is hard to find, and if I do find something, it ends up costing a lot of money. Sigh.
One thing about TCA is NEVER go above 20%! Especially for brown skin, 15% is what I used for my body - it’s caused flaking but it did good. I did 4 layers with 5mins inbetween each layer and I didn’t have PIH. But using HQ or alpha arbutin helps for your skin under to be lighter and without any PIH. Never use it on the face. I saw some people did 25-30% TCA peel and then hated it, of course they did lol.
also anything oily will tan you under the sun quickly! You can wear it on unexposed parts of your skin. For exposed parts maybe a vitamin C body lotion + sunscreen is better. Keep the glow for evening or nighttime
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