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Okay so I tried my new goat's milk soap from K Brothers and it comes in this box:

I brought in a pack of 12. The bars were on the smaller side. The first or second time I tried this soap in the shower, it felt like my skin was getting warmer and warmer and warmer until I freaked out and pulled myself under cool running water. But the softness I felt after I toweled off, y'all... I felt as soft and smooth as a baby's butt. I can't exactly see any whitening yet since it's barely been a week of using this, but so far it seems to exfoliate and moisturize my skin lovely. With the way it seems to be shrinking so quickly even when stored inside a soap box and taken out of the shower stall, I'd wager a bar would barely last two weeks of using it every single day.

I mean, it's a nice soap so far and I'll finish it, but I already miss my Asantee's goat's milk tamarind soap. 😭 That one still felt stronger overall. I also miss my Likas and Kojie San soaps because they're more milder for days when I don't feel like melting my skin off like candle wax lmao. Something to purchase for next time!
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