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Aspirin Mask and/or spot treatment

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I know tons of people who swear by the Aspirin Mask...wasn't sure if anyone posted it on here yet.

Use 5-6 UNCOATED asprin. The white kind, not the capsule kind. Put it into a little dish, mix a little bit of hot water into it.. just enough to make it all dissolve. Kinda make a paste out of it, apply it to face like a can get messy applying will crumble and some will fall off. Leave it on until it pretty much starts flaking off face, then I wash it off.. .while using the asprin to exfoliate (if you wish....if skin is sensitive...leave on for shorter amounts of time....or patch test this).

It makes my skin look great. Try it!

There are tons of other variations to this mask (aloe vera, honey, QHJM mask, cetaphil....) but you can experiment with all that later. I LOVE the asprin mask

Or you could even mix it with feels so soft afterwards!

I've heard so many awesome results with this and clearing skin and acne too. I have used this a couple times....although I have ultra sensitive skin, therefore left it on very short amount of time....and didn't use as an exfoliant...just rinsed off gently. I find MOST peoples skin can tolerate this, sure to patch test.

You can even just use this as a spot treatement for acne or scars too.
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If you do not have acne, what are the benefits?
If you do not have acne, what are the benefits? helps with tone and texture too.
i use aspirin to spot treat a blemish occasionally.....and it works!!!....zit is gone within a day
I've also tried the aspirin mask. It does work. Instead of water, I used a little aloe vera gel. Yogurt works well too. The yogurt can help soften the skin along with the benefits of the aspirin. thanks.
I have used aspirin mask too but didnt seem to make any difference to my skin. I have spots too.
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Thank you for Knowledge sharing about Aspirin Mask
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