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At Home exercise routines!

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So i'm not a gym member, but I do want to get in shape. So every night before bed, I get out my yoga mat and work out for one or two songs on my iPod.

I usually do:
Push ups
Leg lifts

Anyone else do at home workouts? I'm looking for more variety, so list yours!
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You should try the eight minute workout. I hear that their exercises are not only intense, but are also very effective in helping you to loose weight.
I think that for someone like you, Freddy--someone who is excellent shape--eight minutes will be child's play and would have little effect.

But for the average American, eight minutes is good. Also, the TAE BO eight minute workout is a little longer than eight minutes, but it's VERY, VERY intense from what I hear.
1 - 2 of 87 Posts
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