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At Home exercise routines!

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So i'm not a gym member, but I do want to get in shape. So every night before bed, I get out my yoga mat and work out for one or two songs on my iPod.

I usually do:
Push ups
Leg lifts

Anyone else do at home workouts? I'm looking for more variety, so list yours!
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I agree...people who are either in really good shape or obese need a lot more exercise to make a visible diffrence. But for people like me, who are in the middle, it doesn't take as much to start getting better or worse.
Feddy: are you a personal trainer??

if you are, please take a look at my routine and let me know what you think

My goal is not to gain weight, I quit smoking. I'm at the perfect weight right now and I intend to keep it that way, so here it is

Walking for 25 minutes (a try 4 times per week)
free weight ( 10 pounds) mostly upper body 2 times per weeks
I just started a dance video (dancing with the stars) I will be doing it for 30 minutes 2 times per week
the days I don't workout in my basement, I'm outside with the dogs walking.

Keep in mind that I do have a condition that I have to be very careful when working out (can't do core exercises) of running

Please advise if you can help me out. thanks
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If you want the best results from your walk, doing it before eating first thing in the morning, or post workout with weights.

If you have a membership at the gym and you aren't very advanced with weights, stick to the machines since they'll help keep your form and are a lot safer than freeweights.

Same thing with the dance video, post workout or first thing in the morning.

If you have access to an elliptical machine, try that instead of the treadmill since its low impact and safer. You could try high intensity interval training, which is outlined here The Best Way to do Cardio | Best Anti Aging Creams, see how that works for you.

Remember of course that diet is more important than any routine, so make sure you eat clean but allow yourself the odd cheat meal or two.
I think that for someone like you, Freddy--someone who is excellent shape--eight minutes will be child's play and would have little effect.

But for the average American, eight minutes is good. Also, the TAE BO eight minute workout is a little longer than eight minutes, but it's VERY, VERY intense from what I hear.
Yes... I agree. And the first goal is to JUST MOVE. If it appeals to someone to work out for 8 minutes and they can commit to it then good for them. When starting out, people who set realistic expectations for themselves and their lifestyle have a far better chance at meeting their goals than starting out big and not being able to commit or hurting themselves and getting discouraged.

Most people who stick to a small work-out routine increase their work-out goals as they get more comfortable with their routine and movement.

Everyone is different. Our bodies work differently.
I agree with Dragonlilly, 8 minutes is better than none, somethings I can only to a 10 minute walk, at least I do something...............if you can do 8 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the evening, that is even better, because at the end of the day it all counts..........................
So true. Anything is better than nothing!!
I'm going to go and get me a good old fashion jump rope. lol
I see pro boxers do it and they are in great shape.
Now I know they do more than jump rope to get in such great
shape but it's a beginning for me.
But I need to get moving so I will start off with jumping rope and walking.
Jumping rope is great exercise and its fun! Get a hula hoop too!
I agree with Dragonlilly, 8 minutes is better than none, somethings I can only to a 10 minute walk, at least I do something...............if you can do 8 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the evening, that is even better, because at the end of the day it all counts..........................
That is true, 8 minutes is better than nothing, but those 8 minutes is practically nothing. Eat a twinkey and your gains are gone.
Remember... if you are exercising to stay fit that could look different than exercising to loose weight. If 8 minutes is all you can work into your day b/c you have a 9 to 5 job, kids, dogs, cats, a husband, errands to run, etc... then rock those 8 minutes!
So, if anything, they should be going at it harder. It's much easier for someone in shape to stay in shape than for someone overweight to lose weight. You can't kid yourself, you're a fitness instructor, you know very well that 8 minutes is a joke. It's not going to make ANY notable changes in a person's fitness level. I'm not being the devil's advocate here, but facts are facts. 8 minutes aren't enough.

Some might say "oh well you're just starting off so you should only do 8 minutes." In that case, that means that 8 minutes is too high of an intensity for the person. They should be able to complete a considerable longer workout at much lower intensity. Even an elite athlete won't see much change doing 8 minutes of HIIT.
But as a fitness instructor AND a first grade teacher, I know that people can get intimidated and overwhelmed at the thought of doing something they think is impossible - so they do noting at all. It is empowering to start low and build yourself up. 8 minutes is a good place to start .

No - you might not see the difference on the scale. But there will be a difference in the attitude about exercising. Trust...I have taught 50 year old women to do yoga arm balances, like the crow (google), and handstand (with the wall) - and when they started with me they couldn't touch their shins - so I know patience and encouragement pays off. I've seen ordinary people do extraordinary things by starting slow, increasing little by little. We are not all athletes, some of us are just people looking for a little improvement from day to day - improvement you can see AND improvement you can't see.
What you're addressing is something different though. Intimidation and lack of self-motivation or self-esteem is not what I'm talking about.

Sure you have got to build up to it, but what I'm talking about is the fact that 8 minutes isn't enough. There might be some mental improvements in doing something rather than nothing at all, but again, the results are seen when time is put in.
Self-Motivation is at the root of exercise. It is the FIRST building block.
You're still discussing a side topic. Motivation can help you do many things. 8 minute workouts won't.

Looking at it in it's purely basic elements, 8 minutes is nothing.

Anyhow, this discussion can keep on going back and forth for days. I will subside. Ultimately it's what works for a given individual. Personally, I have never recommended 8 minute workouts for any of my clients because it's a waste of everyone's time and money.
^How bout nine minutes??

hahaha jkjkjkjk
Get a hula hoop too!
My husband was going to get one for me! Would it really work????

If you shake it, you can burn some calories.
It depends on what your fitness goals are... but it's fun and it builds a mind/body connection. It takes skills to keep that hoop rollin'. It's a great ice breaker at parties too.
- closest I could find to a hula-hooper !
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