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At Home permanent Hair removal

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ive been looking for devices that can be used at home.

epila is a laser hair removal treatment and it seems to be promising but its not a good option for people who are dark skinned and some people complain about pain and scaring.

then there is a bunch of at home electrolysis devices like vector, epen, one touch... these kind of devices claim that they are easy to use, painless and less invasive then the traditional professional alternative. so far ive been getting mixed reviews about these devices. it seems to me that people who find it effective are very patient and optimistic. i dont know.
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does anyone have any reviews or experience with any of these devices.
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I used one back in the 90's that someone gave to me YYYEEEEEOOOOUUCCCHHH!!! I quickly realized why they gave it to me so willingly. It was one of those coil type hand held machines that literally coils around your hair and rips it out. Just be careful what you use and make sure you do your homework.
im thinking you used an epilator. those things are crazy. waxing is sometimes less painful then one of those.
Has anyone had laser hair removal done?
im thinking you used an epilator. those things are crazy. waxing is sometimes less painful then one of those.
I had one of those many YEARS ago. OMG they hurt like the dickens! And I found I got MORE ingrown hairs by using it so ditched it.
i just want to make sure we dont confuse epilators that just yanked out the hair with the other devices that try to imitate laser hair removal and electrolysis. epilators where not ment to be permanent but these devices claim that they are.
Oh I knew that epilady thing was not a permanent solution. Was hopefully thinking it would last longer than shaving and it did provide some time. But NOT worth the pain.

If you find a home device that's NOT astronomically priced and WORKS - let us know!
You need to go to your local esthetician and let her wax you until you make up your mind. Lazer hair removal can cause discoloration in people with higher amounts of pigment in their skin, but that is not the case with everyone. Some highly pigmented people can have it done and not see any discoloration. With electrolysis it is actully ment to go down into the bulb of the hair and alter it (disform it, burn it, etc) so that it cannot grow another hair in its place. Sometimes it works, sometimes you have to go back 3-5 times (depending on how much hair and hormone factors), and somtimes I have known people to see some difference, but didn't want to keep going back. It is painful and does leave irritation. Waxing would be a good alternative for you because with in 6 months to a year you will probably notice that the hair comes back less thick and the texture is softer. Waxing messes up the cycle of hair growth, that is why you will see less hair over time.

NEVER buy any at home perm. hair removal treatment with claims that it will do miricles that sometimes even your esthetician or doctor can't preform. If what they sell for at home use worked that well, estheticians would be using it!
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i notice that people are buying epila on ebay. im going to contact some of the buyers and see what they think.
Has anyone had laser hair removal done?
I am going through laser hair removal treatments now. So far I have had 4 of the 8 required treatments and am happy with the results -- but check back in a year and see if I am still happy =)

Laser hair removal is expensive and tricky - what I mean by tricky is you must find the right laser for you and an experienced tech. -- For light skin dark hair the best laser is the Candela GentleLase. I have read this again and again on many different websites. If you want to find a clinic near you that uses this laser go to (google it if that isn't right) and type in you zip code. They give you a list of practitioners.

To find out if the clinic/tech is any good - research, research, research
Google the heck out of the name of the place and tech - use all variation of name with words like, burn, suit, problems, results, years of practice.

Actually visit the place and get a free consultation - visit at least three places and don't sign up for anything the first day!!

Anyways - I just try to share the info I've learned about laser hair removal - I am lucky that I happened to pick a place with the right laser - but I'm paying more than I should. If only I had done all the research I am doing now before I signed up I would be in a better position.

I have compiled a list of common questions here - laserhairremovaljournal dot com /FAQ/Laser-Hair-Removal-Frequently-Asked-Questions.htm]Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Also my signature is a link to my journal with before and after and during pictures of my laser hair removal process.
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Sure is informative. . .Though waxing is really my personal option given those situation you guys had.
At home you can do waxing but not laser. For laser hair removal is not possible without the knowledge because it is technical work so knowledge as well experience also matters.
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